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A Growth Marketing Consultant who helps SaaS businesses attract and convert high-quality traffic into loyal customers on autopilot.

I offer consulting services in email marketing, marketing automation, SEO content writing, and copywriting.

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Growth Marketing FAQs

Great question! Growth Marketing is a data-driven approach focused on identifying the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.

In contrast to traditional marketing, which often concentrates on broad branding and awareness efforts, growth marketing specifically targets real metrics throughout the entire customer journey. As a Growth Marketing Consultant, I specialize in developing and implementing strategies that drive customer acquisition, retention, and ultimately, growth in your business's revenue.

I do this by utilizing a mix of marketing channels and tactics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), performance marketing, growth hacking, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and email marketing. My aim is to create a seamless, effective marketing funnel that moves potential customers from awareness to conversion—and beyond.

My holistic approach helps businesses not only attract new users but also engage and retain existing ones, maximizing customer lifetime value. According to Hubspot, acquiring a new customer can cost five to seven times more than retaining an old one. So whether you're a small business or an enterprise company I'm confident I could help improve your marketing ROI and implement a cohesive strategy that is guaranteed to achieve success.

A Growth Marketing Consultant serves as a strategic partner in scaling your business and maximizing your ROI. They usually create and execute tailored growth marketing plans. I specifically offer three core services including Growth Marketing Consulting, Email Marketing Consulting, and SEO Content Writing Services.

However, you can expect different Growth Marketing Consultants to leverage their own expertise in various marketing channels and tactics. This includes SEO (and technical SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation, and paid acquisition.

Here’s a high-level overview of what a Growth Marketing Consultant typically does:

Data analysis: Deep dives into analytics to identify growth opportunities and areas for improvement. They may also help you set up additional tools and strategies for collecting more relevant data.

Strategy development: Creates a comprehensive growth marketing strategy, aligning with your business goals, OKRs, and KPIs.

Channel optimization: Determines the most effective marketing channels for your business and focuses resources accordingly. I personally use the ICE framework to systematically work through the highest priorities.

A/B testing: Implement split tests to refine marketing tactics and improve conversion rates (especially with email marketing).

Customer journey mapping: Examines the entire customer lifecycle to find touchpoints that can be optimized for conversion and retention. This is especially important for B2B SaaS companies that have customers who aren’t ready to pull the trigger.

Content strategy: Develop and manage a content plan to attract, engage, and convert your target audience. Check out my SEO Content Writing services to see how I can help your business execute this.

ROI tracking: Monitors the effectiveness of various growth initiatives to ensure they yield a positive return on investment. They’re also able to make recommendations on what to stop and start doing for maximum ROI.

Ongoing consultation: Provides continuous support, adapting strategies as needed to ensure sustainable growth.

A prime example of growth marketing in action is the strategic launch of a new product (or service). A Growth Marketing Consultant would conduct the following:

  • Pre-launch research: Validate product demand and identify target audiences.
  • SEO content: Create keyword-focused blogs related to the product.
  • Social media content: Build anticipation with previews on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.
  • Email campaigns: Announce the product to an existing email list and provide valuable content leading up to the launch.
  • Launch tactics: Use a mix of paid and organic methods, including PPC ads and influencer partnerships.
  • Post-launch retargeting: Engage non-converters with retargeting ads.
  • User onboarding: Streamline the onboarding process to familiarize new users with the product. Also, increases conversion and reduces churn.
  • Feedback loop: Collect customer feedback for improvements and upselling.
  • Data monitoring: Track KPIs and adapt strategies based on analytics.
  • Case study: Publish a success story for future marketing leverage.


In this approach, the Growth Marketing Consultant integrates multiple marketing channels to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. By focusing on each stage of the customer journey, from awareness to conversion and beyond, growth marketing ensures both short-term success and long-term sustainability. It's worth noting that the Growth Marketing Consultant might not execute everything but would be involved in the overall strategy.

A Growth Marketing Consultant and a traditional marketing agency serve different roles.

Although both aim to help your businesses grow. Here are the key differentiators you might want to consider:

  • Consultants are specialists: A Growth Marketing Consultant specializes in data-driven, KPI-focused strategies that cover the entire customer journey. Traditional agencies often focus on specific aspects like advertising or branding. Usually leveraging team members that are generalist marketers.
  • More flexible and less structured: Consultants offer more tailored, flexible solutions, adapting quickly to changes in data or strategy. Agencies usually provide a set menu of services within a more rigid framework.
  • Cost-effective: Consultants, often solo practitioners or part of a small team (like me), can offer specialized expertise without the overhead costs of a full agency.
  • Better and faster communication: With a consultant, you're likely to work closely and directly, ensuring quicker decision-making. Agencies may involve multiple layers, slowing down communication. Not to mention it’s common for different stakeholders to take over your account as time goes on which can disrupt your efforts and success.
  • Focused approach: Consultants often work closely with your internal team, focusing intensely on your specific growth goals. Agencies tend to have a broader range of clients and services, leading to a less concentrated focus on your business.


Essentially, a Growth Marketing Consultant offers specialized, agile, and cost-efficient solutions. On the other hand, a traditional digital marketing agency provides a broader, but often less flexible, range of services. There are pros and cons of each and you will need to decide which option is best suited for your business. 

If you're not ready to book a quick 15-minute catch up feel free to email me here: Alternatively, submit your question via the chatbot on the right-hand side of the page.