Generate quality leads and book meetings with your dream clients on autopilot.

B2B Lead Generation Consultant

Hi, I’m Luc 👋 I help B2B software and service companies improve their sales pipeline and sign more customers. Through learning more about your business, customers, and products I can craft high-performing outbound sales campaigns to book meetings with your dream clients. Ready to generate more leads?

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Generate quality leads and book meetings with your dream clients on autopilot.​

B2B Lead Generation Consultant​

Hi, I’m Luc 👋 I help B2B software and service companies improve their sales pipeline and sign more customers. Through learning more about your business, customers, and products I can craft high-performing outbound sales campaigns to book meetings with your dream clients. Ready to generate more leads?

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"We need more leads!"

This is top of mind for most B2B companies right now. 

They want high-quality leads every week

Maybe they lost a client.

Maybe they fired a client. 

Maybe their ad costs are getting too high.

Or maybe they just want to grow.

Either way, I help them land more customers through outbound lead generation. 

But here’s the problem…

Most businesses approach this wrong. 

They think making more cold calls or sending more emails books meetings. 

There’s some truth to this. 

However, the landscape has dramatically changed in 2024. 

Google and Yahoo have released new updates that make it almost impossible to run sloppy cold email campaigns. 

According to LightSpeed, customer acquisition costs (on average) increased by 222% between 2013 and 2022.

Now imagine all of this without even having a well-oiled funnel.

You might as well burn money. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom. 

Some B2B marketing consultants (like me) have figured out how to approach lead generation properly in 2024. 

My preferred approach is cold email since it works perfectly when executed correctly.

My process looks something like this:

Enrich prospects for personlization (1)

I start by building the correct infrastructure to make all of this possible. From here I learn everything I can about your clients, business, and value proposition. I use this information to build and enrich a list of prospects. Once this is completed I write the copy, send the emails, and start testing different angles until we find a winner.

You might be thinking “Great, but what results have you generated”. 

Well here are some of the responses from dream clients using the system above:

Meeting replies from leads

So, are you ready to start generating more leads?

Book a free 30-minute no-obligation discovery call today. 

It’s time to help your business generate more predictable revenue. 

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End-to-end lead generation services

Work with a lead generation specialist that can build the strategy and execute. I manage everything from the infrastructure to attracting, nurturing, and closing leads into paying customers.

Keep your business thriving by maintaining a steady flow of qualified leads and increasing your pipeline value today.

Prospecting & List Building

Lead Generation Strategy

Campaign Management

Lead Automation


My lead generation process


Before we begin I learn about your business, customers, unique selling points, and the specific problems your business solve.


With the information gathered in step one I start executing the lead generation strategies. This includes the infrastructure, prospects, unique angles, and writing copy.

Test & Iterate

I work with your team to uncover the most effective campaign to drive more leads and book more meetings. Lead generation is an iterative process that requires consistent testing.

Some brands I’ve worked with

Client feedback

Read some of the client reviews I’ve received from clients.

Luciano Viterale

Expert Lead Generation Consultant

Some more information about me

Luciano Viterale

Expert Lead Generation Consultant

Some info about me

Lead generation made simple 🙂

What I do

I help B2B companies fill their pipeline with more quality leads. I do this by creating a custom strategy that attracts prospects and closes them into paying clients.

 Who I help

I typically work with B2B software and service companies that have product market fit, a large enough TAM, existing results, an open mind, and need more leads.

What I believe

I believe lead generation requires a different approach in 2024. SEO, cold email, and email marketing are still the most effective ways to generate and nurture leads.

Real Clients, Real Results

Need help with something specific? Explore my core B2B marketing services below.


20 % Increase Conversion

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12 % Increase Conversion

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Lead generation services
designed to grow your business​


The goal is to fill your pipeline on autopilot and free up your time. This is 100% possible with the right lead generation system.


When the right systems and strategies are implemented your pipeline will start to become predictable.


The end goal is to drive a return on your investment and that’s what lead generation is designed to do.

Book a free 30-minute discovery call

This is an opportunity to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit. There are no obligations but please only book a slot if you have a marketing budget and plan on taking action in the next 90 days.

Read articles from the blog

Want to learn more about marketing? Take a look at some of the articles I've written below.

Lead Generation FAQs

As a lead generation consultant, I focus on a few core methods that I’m most experienced with, they include SEO, cold email marketing, social media, email marketing, paid ads, and marketing automation. 

SEO: Leveraging SEO to improve your website's search engine ranking, increasing visibility among potential clients actively seeking your product or service. For example, if you offer accounting services in Chicago I would help your business rank for the term “Accounting Services in Chicago”. On top of this, I would ensure you capture the user's details and push them through the sales funnel using lead magnets.

Cold email (cold outreach): This involves building a personalized outbound email campaign to contact potential customers that match your ideal customer profile. I find the prospects, enrich them, build the outreach system, create the emails, test new angles, and drive people to book meetings.

Traditional email marketing: Inbound email marketing engages leads by capturing an email address on your website, personalizing the content, and building trust over time. By delivering value directly into the lead's inbox, I can move them through the sales funnel and eventually convert these leads into paying customers.

Marketing automation: When it comes to lead generation, automation allows you to scale your efforts. I generally automate lead generation tasks like email scheduling and follow-ups, nurture campaigns, notifications, segmentation,  replies, etc. 

Paid ads: Google or Facebook ad campaigns offer immediate visibility and targeted reach to specific audiences based on demographics and keywords. By sending traffic to optimized landing pages, ads will drive lead generation through sign-ups, downloads, purchases, or other similar actions.

I don’t specialize in one particular industry but I only work with service-based businesses, software businesses, and information businesses. In terms of industries, I’ve worked with businesses across real estate, finance, investing, blockchain, publishing, health, professional services, newsletters, and more. While these types of businesses are my primary focus, the lead generation process generally remains the same and can be adapted and customized to suit your business needs. 

In short, yes. However, the idea of being qualified is subjective–especially in marketing. Some consultants possess all the credentials available but lack first-hand experience, case studies, and client testimonials. Others may have achieved amazing results for their clients but possess no formal qualifications.

Here are some of the qualifications you might be interested in:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Business Information Systems)
  • Semrush Academy Certificate
  • Certified MailerLite Expert
  • Google Analytics Individual Certification
  • Vetted Mayple Marketer
  • Certified Clay Expert


On top of this, I've built, bought, and sold various digital businesses. I also write for sites like Zapier and Whalesync

Yes! It's very typical for businesses to already have a marketing team and sales team in place that require support to gain leads. In some cases, there are missed opportunities that these teams aren't capitalizing on.

Depending on your lead generation goals and the current business needs I can work with internal stakeholders. I usually prefer to nominate one project sponsor or contact that I can work directly with for the best results.

Generally speaking, a lead generation consultant implements strategies to attract and convert qualified leads into paying customers for your business.

They usually begin by auditing the current state of the business's lead generation efforts and develop a strategy based on its objectives, target audience, and industry landscape. 

Depending on the business, the consultant might leverage tactics such as SEO, social media marketing, cold email, cold calling, and paid advertising to reach potential customers across different platforms. They usually employ lead capture mechanisms and nurture strategies to engage and educate leads, moving them through the B2B sales funnel.

As a lead gen consultant, I specifically focus on cold email, SEO, and email marketing to collect and nurture leads for my clients. My goal is to fill your pipeline with predictable revenue.

If you're not ready to book a free consultation free to email me here: Alternatively, submit your question via the chatbot or form at the bottom of the page.

It depends. Not all businesses need to adjust their website.

However, some key indicators may require you to adjust your website for the best success. They generally include:

  • The messaging/copywriting is not accurate or unclear
  • There is website traffic but not you're collecting any emails to nurture customers
  • There are no trust factors (think case studies, logos, testimonials, etc)
  • It’s very slow or broken

Still have a question?

Need help with something specific?

Feel free to send an inquiry and I'll get back to you within 8 hours. Please include as much detail as possible so I can answer with accuracy 🙂