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Email marketing systems that generate revenue on autopilot

I help B2B SaaS companies convert existing traffic and leads into paying customers on autopilot. I do this by studying your customers and products, gaining a deep knowledge of both. From here I apply my proven email marketing system so you can see an ROI within 60 days. Book a free video audit below and I’ll show you how.

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Hi, I'm Luc 👋

Your new email marketing consultant.

Email has been my bread and butter for over 6 years.

I’ve bought, built, and sold websites that all relied on email to grow.

At first, I struggled. 

My sites were growing but I wasn’t able to translate website visitors into paying customers.

I had no idea who was on my website, what they wanted, or how to help them.

I lost a lot of time and money figuring this out on my own.

And I suspect your business is experiencing a similar problem.

So I’m going to help you.

Here’s the thing.

Potential customers visit your website every day. 

But not all of them are ready to buy. 

Some might be in the awareness stage.

While others are in the decision stage.

They’re still visiting your website, but you have no idea who they are or what they need.

Imagine your most valuable customers browsing your website and leaving because they weren’t ready to sign up.

You never knew they were on your site and you didn’t even get a chance to build a relationship with them.


But this is the reality for many businesses. They have no idea who is really on their website.

And if they do there’s no system in place to learn more and build a relationship.

Let alone nurture them through the appropriate stages without sounding like a robot.

My job is to change this for you.

Ever heard of the phrase “build once sell twice”?

It means creating a system that generates revenue even when you’re sleeping.

This is the idea of leverage.

And my email marketing systems are designed to build leverage for your business.

Simply put, I help businesses like yours generate leads on autopilot from your existing traffic.

So it’s time to step up your email marketing game. 

According to Constant Contact, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect $36 back. 

Are you generating a 36x return on your email list?

If not keep reading. 

I can generate a positive ROI on email for your business but there are seven key considerations:

A clear customer journey for your target audience 

A front-end offer or promise for your website visitors 

Appropriately placed and smart lead capture forms 

Smart list segmentation from day one

Appropriate sequences, nurturing, and email campaigns

Strong copywriting that speaks to your subscribers

Back-end offers, upsells and cross-sells

This is the basis of a successful email marketing strategy.

One that can turn your website visitors into long-term customers…on auto-pilot. 

Now I’m not a fan of vanity metrics but according to Campaign Monitor, the average open rate of an email campaign is only 21%, but you’re not here for “average”. 

And neither am I. 

My emails get significantly higher engagement rates. 

Everything from email capture to open rates and click-through rates. 

I know what to send, who to send it to, when, and how to make your subscribers take action. 

You can see for yourself below.

email capture rates from high intent pages
Email opt-in rates for high-intent pages. This is expected when the promise is relevant to the audience.
testing sequences
Testing different sequences to see which performs better. Version 2 has a longer sequence with more value which is why the open rate is higher and the CTR is slightly lower. The subscribers are engaged over a longer period and receive more value.
relevant value email sequences
Another value-based sequence for website visitors who aren’t ready to become customers. The engagement is high since every email is relevant and packed with value.

It’s hard to give you a birds-eye view of a full email sequence with 30+ emails and conditional logic but if you're curious you can explore my blog posts. I recommend reading The Profitable Guide To Email Copywriting, How To Start a Successful Email Newsletter, and The Simple Guide to Email Marketing for B2B

I’ve done this for many customers and I frequently receive feedback like this:

client feedback email 1
Client feedback
client feedback email 2
Client feedback

It's really simple...

👨‍💻 What I do

I make your website's existing traffic more profitable by implementing proven email marketing systems. While more relevant traffic is great, it’s not a prerequisite for me to deliver results (i.e. drive more revenue). 

🤝 Who I help

B2B SaaS and Information companies that receive at least 1,000 visitors per month to their website. Especially businesses that are open-minded and believe in the “build once sell twice” philosophy.

💡 What I believe

Your potential customers are not ready to buy immediately. This may be the goal in eCommerce, but it is not the goal of a SaaS or Info company. You must capture website visitors early, segment them, and nurture them so you can help them when the time is right. 

Clients I've worked with

clients we've worked with
clients we've worked with

Guarantee: If my email systems don't increase revenue within 60 days I'll work for free until they do 🤝

An end-to-end solution

Email marketing strategy

Deliverability audit & implementation

Smart lead capture & segmentation

Campaign management & automation

Email campaign performance optimisation

Email marketing services designed to fuel business growth

⚙️ Automated

Unlike other marketing channels, email can be turned into a well-oiled machine that runs itself. Regardless of your email marketing software, there are specific methods of increasing automation and creating leverage.

🔮 Predictable

Once the baseline metrics are discovered, you can reliably predict revenue generated from email marketing. Within 30 days you should be able to see a return on your investment. The more traffic your website receives the faster this will be.

💰 Profitable

Even one-off email marketing efforts (such as a detailed email marketing audit) can generate revenue years into the future. This makes it the most cost-effective marketing strategy.

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Frequently asked questions

I have extensive experience with most email marketing tools including MailerLite (I'm a certified MailerLite Expert), Beehiiv, ConvertKit, MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, Pardot, and Act-On.

Email Marketing Consultants can charge a flat fee for a project, an hourly rate, or a revenue share generated from the emails. Since not all businesses and projects are the same it will depend on the specific requirements. 

I work with clients on a “sprint” model. This means all projects are defined so that my clients and I both understand exactly what we're trying to achieve, when, and how. This keeps the work focussed and transparent.

Choosing the right email marketing consultant is crucial for maximizing ROI from your website and engaging your audience effectively.

Look for a consultant with a proven track record in your industry or niche and ask for case studies that demonstrate their impact on metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Make sure they are well-versed in the best practices, including segmentation, personalization, and A/B testing. Don't forget to make sure they're capable of writing engaging email copy that speaks to your audience.

If you're looking for an expert email marketing consultant then avoid working with digital marketing agencies that are generalists rather than specialists. 

Lastly, a good email marketing consultant should be able to align their strategy with your overall business goals, so clear communication and a shared vision are key.

Since email marketing is one of the most profitable activities a business can invest in, marketers can charge a lot of money for their services.

According to, the median salary for an email marketer is $86,000. However, the range typically falls between $74,682 and $98,818. 

When it comes to specialist freelancers or consultants it's not uncommon for email marketers to charge $100+ per hour. 

An Email Marketing Consultant is responsible for helping businesses generate a positive ROI from their website traffic and email list. In most cases, they’ll help build the email strategy, capture emails, segment and enrich the list, nurture subscribers, build email drip campaigns, and continually test until you see an increase in revenue. 

In my case, I help my clients generate as much revenue as possible from their existing traffic. Rather than requiring more traffic, I squeeze out as much value from existing visitors. I do this by implementing smart lead capture, and segmentation, creating long-term and evergreen sequences, and writing copy that speaks to your audience. 

So if you want more sales, more leads, and higher revenue book a free audit today.

I only work with sites that receive at least 1,000 visitors per month. I find this to be the minimum amount of traffic for my services to provide a clear ROI. Not all traffic is equal either, if your site receives 600 visitors per month to the home page or a high-intent page then I can work with this. 

P.s. I can help your business generate more traffic with my SEO content writing services


1. Understanding your audience and product

First, I take the time to deeply understand your target audience, their needs, and their challenges. I also immerse myself in your product's unique selling points. To achieve this, I'll provide you with a detailed questionnaire, ensuring I understand the core of your brand and audience.

2. Evaluating your current email strategy

Before creating a fresh strategy, I personally assess your existing email marketing setup. My in-depth audit pinpoints areas for improvement and opportunities to boost ROI. Rest assured, every recommendation I make is backed by data, examples, and actionable insights.

3. Defining the scope of work

Once the audit is done, I categorize the findings using the ICE (Impact, Confidence, Ease) framework. This helps me prioritize tasks and decide which ones I'll tackle directly. The result? A transparent “sprint” plan with clear objectives and timelines, tailored to your needs.

4. Implementing the work

With our plan set, I dive into action. Not only will I execute the strategies, but I'll also continuously monitor their performance, ensuring they align with our goals. You'll receive regular updates, so you're never in the dark.

5. Review and refining

After wrapping up each sprint, I initiate a thorough review with you. This retrospective is crucial for understanding the impact of our strategies. Based on our discussions and the data, I'll refine our approach, ensuring we're always optimizing for the best results.

6. Next Steps

Upon concluding a sprint, we can decide on our future course. Whether we wrap up our collaboration or embark on a new sprint, I'm here to guide and support. 

Email marketing is one of the most profitable activities a business can invest in.

Hundreds of surveys have been conducted to uncover the true ROI of investing in email. Some surveys found that you can expect $40 for every $1 invested, others suggest it’s $36 for every $1 invested. Either way, we know it’s a lot!

According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing is also 40x more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter.

The bottom line is that email marketing is very profitable when done correctly.