16 best copywriting blogs and websites to read if you want to learn more in 2024

best copywriting blogs and websites

What I love about copywriting is that you can get the job done in many different ways.

One copywriter might swear by applying the AIDA framework and another might suggest the slippery slope method. The reality is, both methods could still work. And on top of this, testing different methods is how you truly know what works.

A lot of what I’ve learned about copywriting, marketing, and psychology has been extracted from those who were kind enough to share their learnings. Most of which have been long-form blog posts packed with detail.  

In this article, I’ll share some of the best copywriting blogs and websites I’ve come across in my journey as a copywriter. Hopefully, you can find some value in their sites and use their copywriting portfolios as inspiration.

Here are the best UPDATED copywriting blogs and websites you should pay attention to:

1. Alex Cattoni 

Alex Cattoni

Alex Cattoni is one of the best copywriters going around. Her blog is very helpful and her Youtube videos are even better. She’s been featured in Forbes, Clickbank, Ad world, and The Female Hustlers. 

Alex’s blog articles have a lot of content although they’re usually embedded with a video. This is quite unique and is what separates her blog from others. Sometimes we just want to watch a video that explains a concept rather than read a highly optimized long-form blog post. Don’t get me wrong, they have their place, but her videos add real value!

Here are two articles you should check out:

2. Luciano Viterale

luciano viterale copywriting blog

Yes, that’s me! I’ve spent years publishing copywriting content to help people across the globe become better informed. In 2020, I co-founded a premium investing newsletter called Ticker Nerd. It has since been acquired by a tech company and I’ve documented a lot of the wins and losses on this blog.

Most of my articles are backed with real case studies from businesses I’ve built, bought, or sold. In the copywriting space, this is quite unique. Only a handful of other copywriters have experience building their own businesses outside of copywriting.  

If you’re interested in learning about copywriting frameworks, winning clients, and getting access to the best resources you should check it out. I’ll even send you my top copywriting hacks!

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Here are my favorite articles:

3. Copywriting Course by Neville Medhora 

copywriting course blog

Neville Medhora is a highly regarded copywriter. He founded Kopywritng Kourse (which is now called Copywriting Course), a premium copywriting community and course bundle. He’s worked with companies like The Hustle and he even owns swipefile.com. 

Neville has been blogging for years, his archive of content is huge! If you’re looking for something specific the copywriting course blog is very likely to have it. The site is also formatted as a forum instead of a typical blog. 

Two articles you should check out:

4. Neil Patel

neil patel blog

Neil Patel is one of the most famous marketers in the world. His blog generates hundreds of thousands of visitors every single month. Neil covers topics such as SEO, content marketing, copywriting, and email marketing. He even owns Ubersuggest, a great SEO tool for small businesses.

I like this blog because you can learn just about anything in the digital marketing space. Of course, this includes copywriting. The articles are long, well thought out, and packed with plenty of examples to make sure you’re learning something new. If English isn’t your first language then you’ll love this blog even more since the content is translated into many different local languages. 

Here are my favorite copywriting articles from the blog:

5. Copyblogger

copy blogger

Copyblogger is a content marketing and copywriting site run by Brian Clark, Tim Stoddart, and Stefanie Flaxman. The site is used as a lead generation method for their agency, Digital Commerce Partners. The articles mostly focus on content marketing but they have a few articles on copywriting which are very helpful for beginners. 

What I like about Copy Blogger is the content is written by the founders and editor. They don’t outsource their content for the sake of efficiency or volume like other blogs. The long list of comments on each blog confirms the high quality. 

Two articles you should check out:

6. Demand Curve

demand curve blog

Demand Curve is a team of growth practitioners helping marketers through their newsletter and growth programs. The email list has 500k subscribers alone! They’re one of my favorite sites when I need to do a deep dive on something specific in marketing or growth hacking. Their playbooks are extensive and very thorough, you’re guaranteed to learn something new.

They aren’t specific to copywriting but the topics they cover are critical for copywriters to learn. This includes content marketing, growth hacking, marketing psychology, and email marketing. It’s a great spot to become a T-shaped marketer. 

Three articles you should check out:

7. Copy Hackers

copyhackers blog

Copy Hackers might be the largest copywriting blog in the world. It’s run by Joanna Wiebe and her team of experts. I reference this blog when I need real examples from copywriters to help me better understand a concept. What I like about Copy Hackers is that it helps everyone. This includes marketers, copywriters, and startup founders. 

If the blog wasn’t enough they even have a new book called “Where Stellar Messages Come From: Start using your customers' own words to convert them”. If you’ve read any of my articles before you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of leveraging the customer to write the copy for me. 

Here are some articles from the blog you might like:

P.s. if you’re interested in writing for Copy Hackers they pay a great rate. I will note that the bar is exceptionally high and you’ll need to prove why you’re worthy.

8. Copify

copify blog

Copify is a copywriting and content marketing agency with a presence in the USA, UK, and Australia. They have a huge pool of copywriters ready to take on work. However, they’ve also invested heavily in their own blog. And the content is great!

A lot of the copywriters that contribute to the blog are qualified and a part of their talent pool. The blog covers all sorts of copywriting topics and is especially useful for business owners who want to improve their marketing efforts. 

Here are some blog posts you should check out:

9. Carmine Mastropierro

Carmine blog

Carmine Mastropierro is a self-development coach and entrepreneur. One of his core skills is copywriting and he shares a lot of content about it on his site. He even has a copywriting course which I’ve recommended in a previous article. 

One thing I like about Carmine's blog is that he shares his personal experiences and case studies. He even includes video content in the articles.  Whilst his content is great I will note that it’s also full of ads and can be annoying. If you install adblocker this won't be an issue. 

Here are some popular copywriting articles on his site:

10. Copy.ai blog

copy ai

Copy AI is one of the best AI writing assistants on the market. It has a special spot in my heart since it generated the name of a startup I cofounded which was eventually acquired. Not only is the tool superior to its competitors, but the blog is also epic! The team at Copy AI has put a lot of effort into producing high-quality articles to help copywriters. 

You’ll find a combination of “how-to” articles that guide you through using their tools along with educational content that covers copywriting more broadly. 

Three articles you should check out:

11. Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillan blog

Jacob McMillen is a copywriter turned course creator. I’ve personally taken “The Internets Best Copywriting Course” and it was much better than I anticipated. I learned aspects of copywriting that I had never considered. This included tools, resources, strategies, and research methods. 

His blog gets loads of traffic and most of the content is long-form. It’s not uncommon to see 5,000-word articles with loads of comments praising how informative and well-written the piece is. I highly recommend Jacob's blog for beginners!

Two useful posts for new copywriters:

12. American Writers and Artists Insitute (AWAI)

AWAI blog

AWAI helps writers land copywriting gigs and achieve their financial goals more broadly. They run a few programs such as “The Accelerated Program for Seven-Figure Copywriting” and “Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business”. However, their free guides are packed with value! 

If you want to learn about copywriting frameworks or which copywriting services are most in demand then this blog is worth checking out. They also have an online chat which I found to be useful.

Three articles you should check out:

13. Daniel Doan

daniel doan blog

Daniel Doan is a neuro-response copywriting expert that has worked with some of the largest brands in the world. His portfolio includes Playboy, Wix, TikTok, Shopify, Hubspot, and Big Commerce. 

The blog is packed with gold! From long guides to short articles that get straight to the point. You can learn a lot from Daniel. If this isn’t enough you can grab the Banana Copywriting Bible.

Here are two articles you should check out:

14. Susan Greene

susan greene blog

Susan Green has been a copywriter and marketing professional for over 25 years. This is a very long time, and she’s more than likely the most experienced copywriter on this list. Her portfolio of work is so big that it has a navigation and tagging system to filter by industry. 

The blog is also full of content, there are hundreds of articles ready for you to read. You can find content for beginners all the way through to experts who need very specific advice.

Here are two articles you should check out first:

15. Copywriting Examples by Harry Dry

copywriting examples

Harry Dry is a marketing genius! He creates some of the best marketing content on the internet. Not only does he manage to find great examples, but he also simplifies and explains them in an easy-to-digest format. As a result, his content usually goes viral on Twitter and Linkedin.

The copywriting examples are a subset of a broader category called marketing examples. You’ll find everything you need in copywriting but if you want to broaden your knowledge and become a “T-Shaped Marketer” you can easily do so. I highly recommend  

The inspiration isn’t formatted into a typical blog, most are case studies. However, you can check the Copywriting Examples here.

16. Writesonic blog

writesonic blog

Writesonic is another AI writing assistant. It was founded by Samanyou Garg and has been around for a little while. I’ve also covered it in previous articles since I’m a big fan of the tool. They have over 10,000 reviews and are rated a combined 4.8/5 stars.

The blog is impressive, you can find loads of content on copywriting and content marketing. If you want to learn how to best leverage the tool as a copywriter they also have written and video content to guide you. 

Articles you should check out:


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