The ultimate list of copywriting tools and resources in 2023 (free and paid)

best copywriting tools

Copywriting tools can make your life easier and your business more profitable. 

So it’s a no-brainer to make sure you’re equipped with them.

In this article, I’m going to share my favorite tools. Some of them will help you write copy, and others will show you new opportunities you never knew existed.

1. SubReddit Stats

subreddit stats

There’s a reason this is at the top of the list.

I use SubReddit Stats frequently to help me understand a niche community in more detail. The tool allows you to input a subreddit and identify the top keywords, growth, most popular posts, and related subreddits. 

Cost: Free

Get Subreddit Stats here.

2. DripScripts

drip scripts

If you’re an email marketer this is a must. 

Drip Scripts helps you write high-converting email sequences really quickly. You can even choose a ready-made template from the library. The best part is that the emails can be downloaded into the specific format your email marketing platform requires. 

If you’re a beginner copywriter I highly suggest using this to guide your email sequences.

Cost: Free

Sign up for Drip Scripts here.

3. Copywriting Prompts

copywriting prompts

Copywriting Prompts recently launched on Product Hunt. It’s one of the best daily copywriting exercises you could do.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a daily email with random prompts to write copy. Here’s one I recently received:

“Write an ad for Manchester United promoting season tickets.”

Cost: Free

Sign up for Copywriting Prompts here.

4. The Copy Collective Community Swipe File

copy collective swipe file

I came across this gem in the r/copywriting subreddit. 

The copywriters in this subreddit gathered the best swipe files and organized them in a google drive folder. It’s free and organized by category so you can easily filter for what you need. 

Cost: Free

Access the copywriting collective swipe file here.

5. Unicorn Ads

unicorn ads

Swipe Files are awesome, although they’re not always up to date and can be a pain to sift through. If you need Facebook ad inspiration then Unicorn Ads will help. You can filter by niche and even vote on which ads are best.

Cost: Free

Sign up for Unicorn Ads here.

6. Mangools


Mangools is an SEO tool I’ve recently been using. It’s similar to AHREFS or SEMRush. However, it’s much cheaper and easier to use. All copywriters who primarily write website copy or blog posts should make use of this. It’s much easier to charge a premium for your services if you can prove they’re SEO-optimized.

Cost: $29/m for the basic option with a free trial available.

Start exploring Mangools with a 10-Day free trial.

7. Anvaka Sub Reddit Tool

anvaka subreddit

Another subreddit tool.

Yes, I love Reddit. And I love this tool. 

The Anvaka tool builds spider diagrams of connected subreddits. Knowing that members of one subreddit are also active in another is very useful. 

In the research phase of Ticker Nerd, we noticed that a lot of members in r/wallstreetbets were also a part of r/dodgecoin and r/cryptocurrency. We wouldn’t have known that without using this tool. We eventually decided to launch a crypto product. 

Cost: Free

Access the Anvaka Subreddit tool here.

8. Copywriting Examples

copywriting examples

Most marketers know who Harry Dry is by now. 

He’s a creative marketer and the genius behind marketing examples. His site is a collection of awesome marketing inspiration broken down into actionable pieces of advice.

Copywriting Examples are exactly the same but very specific to marketing copy. 

Cost: Free

Visit Copywriting Examples here.

9. Guest Post Juice

guest post juice

If you’re looking to write guest posts for high-quality blogs this is for you. Guest Post Juice sends a weekly newsletter with approximately 10 new guest posts on websites that take submissions. 

Through using Guest Post Juice I discovered that Zapier offers guest posts.

Here’s my submission: Find and validate business ideas on Reddit. 

Cost: Free + Premium database for easy filtering

Sign up for Guest Post Juice here.


apollo io

This is for freelance copywriters (or agencies) looking to take their business to the next level. It’s one of the most advanced cold email outreach tools. 

Once you’ve warmed up your domain, this is the tool to use to target your niche of customers. 

Cost: $99 for unlimited usage

Sign up for Apollo here.

11. Affiliate Program Dashboard


A software affiliate list might not seem that relevant but hang tight. 

If you write blog content for yourself or clients this could be an easy upsell. The product hosts an exhaustive database of saas companies that offer affiliate programs (including the links and amount). There’s even a section for you to track your links for each program. 

Cost: $29

Access the Affiliate Program Dashboard here.

12. Market Hire


Another copywriting tool for freelancers. 

Market Hire promise to fill your pipeline of qualified leads for you to work with. If cold email outreach isn’t your thing then this is a strong alternative. 

Cost: Free

Sign up for Marketer Hire here.

13. VIP Resource Library by Blogging Wizard


The blogging wizard has put together a VIP resource list for new bloggers.

It includes checklists, swipe files, templates, and in-depth guides to help you on your blogging journey. 

Cost: Free

Access VIP Resources by Blogging Wizard here.

14. Letter Well

letter well

Letter Well is a marketplace for email newsletters to offer advertisement slots to businesses. 

You can use this as an easy way to acquire new customers for your freelance copywriting business. Considering all the newsletters offer advertising slots they clearly make money from email. This is your opportunity to offer your services and improve their emails.

Side note: You could even use the templates in drip scripts to help execute this. 

Cost: Free

Explore Letter Well here.

15. Trends by The Hustle


Trends is one of the best business communities I’ve been a part of. The premium email newsletters are also full of actionable signals. 

I’ve met many copywriters, agency owners, and businesses seeking their services. If you’re looking to build your network I highly recommend joining. 

Cost: $299 or $199 if you use this affiliate link at no extra cost to you

Sign up for Trends here.

16. Article: Build Products That Solve Real Problems


This should be required reading material for all copywriters. This specific article goes deeper into the Jobs To Be Done framework.  First Round is a great blog for anyone interested in product management. Their articles are usually published by veteran PMs at some of the best companies such as Uber, Slack, and Spotify.

A product mindset will help you write more effective copy.

Cost: Free

Read the article here.

17. Grammarly Chrome Extension


This wouldn’t be a great list if Grammarly wasn’t included. 

I use Grammarly every single day. It will literally save you a whole round of reviews. 

Cost: $12/month if paid yearly with a free option available.

Download Grammarly here.

18. Source Bottle


Source Bottle is similar to HARO. It’s a way for experts (us copywriters) to get some publicity and backlinks. It’s less saturated than other alternatives which means you’ll be more likely to actually get backlinks. 

You can use it to upsell as a service to your clients or for your own blogs. Either way, it’s worth knowing about.

Cost: Free

Explore Source Bottle here.

19. Good Email Copy


You guessed it. 

Another site full of good email copy examples. You can easily use the search bar to filter by email type. For example:

  • Welcome emails
  • Email confirmations
  • Referral emails
  • And much more

Related: Ultimate Guide to Email Copywriting.

Cost: Free

Explore Good Email Copy here.

20. Notion


If you haven’t used Notion to organize your work (and life 🤫) then you’re missing out.

The notion mobile and web apps are great for collaboration with clients, building swipe files and saving ideas for later. There are tonnes of tutorials on Youtube to help you get started.

Cost: Free

Sign up for Notion here.

21. Copy Ai

copy ai

I had to include Copy Ai. Some of you will hate this and others will see it as a godsend.

Copy Ai generated the name of a startup I built in 2020 called Ticker Nerd. It has since been acquired and I’ve been using this tool ever since. 

More recently, it’s been generating really good first drafts for blog posts. I often combine Mangools and Copy Ai to do the heavy lifting for me. 

Cost: $39/m if paid yearly with a free trial available 

Start a free trial to copy ai here.

22. Miro


Miro is a great collaboration tool, it helps organize your thoughts and present ideas to clients. The tool is easy to use and there’s an extensive list of templates you can simply copy.

I regularly use this to organize my ideas on website copy for clients.  It’s particularly useful for UX copywriting. 

Cost: Free option + varying monthly plans.

Start exploring Miro here.

23. Product Hunt

product hunt

I spend a lot of time trawling Product Hunt.

Some of the best tools are launched here, including Notion and Copy Ai. 

I use this to reverse engineer which products are successful and why. Every so often a copywriting-specific product will launch. This is how I found Copywriting Prompts (#3 on this list). 

Cost: Free

Join Product Hunt here.

24. SaaS Headline Formulas


If you’re ever stumped on how to approach a saas headline this resource will help.

The site lists approximately 20 different headline formulas with an example and explanations. The structure makes it easy to apply to your own copy. Here’s an example:

You don’t have to {skills or resources your audience doesn’t have} to {achieve desirable outcome}

Cost: Free

Access SaaS Headline Formulas here.

25. Email Deliverability Mastery by Jared Codling


Email deliverability is absolutely essential for email copywriters to know. It’s hard enough writing sequences that convert more customers. The last thing you want is for them to end up in the spam or promotion folder. 

This slide deck is tactical and will guide you when setting up email marketing for your clients.  

Cost: Free

View Email Deliverability Mastery here.

26. Bark


The more options you have to win clients the better. makes it pretty easy for freelance copywriters to win jobs and grow their businesses. No commission or fee is charged although you will need to compete with other freelancers. 

Cost: Free

List on Bark here.

The bottom line

The best copywriting software is hard to find, so I hope this list helps you! If I had to choose my top three tools I choose Anvaka Sub Reddit Tool, Mangools, and SaaS Headline Formulas. I’ve used these most frequently to help write articles, craft copy, and uncover new ideas. 

If you’re looking for a TL;DR here it is:

  1. SubReddit Stats
  2. Drip Scripts
  3. Copywriting Prompts
  4. The Copywriting Collective Community Swipe File
  5. Unicord Ads
  6. Mangools
  7. Anvaka Sub Reddit Tool
  8. Copywriting Examples
  9. Guest Post Juice
  11. Affiliate Program Dashboard
  12. Market Hire
  13. VIP Resource Library by Blogging Wizard
  14. Letter Well
  15. Trends by The Hustle
  16. Article: Build Products That Solve Real Problems
  17. Grammarly Chrome Extension
  18. Source Bottle
  19. Good Email Copy
  20. Notion
  21. Copy AI
  22. Miro 
  23. Product Hunt
  24. SaaS Headline Formulas
  25. Email Deliverability Mastery by Jared Codling
  26. Bark

Have any suggestions? Drop me a DM.


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