15 Best Copywriting Newsletters To Subscribe To In 2023

best copywriting newsletters

You’re probably here because you want to improve your copywriting skills.

Or maybe you want new ideas.

Either way, I can help you.

An excellent copywriting newsletter isn’t easy to find.

Everyone is spinning out a new substack these days and advertising them in long-winded Twitter threads.

So I’ve curated a list of the best copywriters and their newsletters. 

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1. Sunday Newsletter by Nick Sharma

nick sharma

Nick Sharma is the founder of Sharma Brands which invests in and grows businesses in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space. These are usually but not limited to eCommerce brands. 

Sharma has a Twitter account with 131k followers and regularly shares tips on CRO, copywriting, and growth marketing.

His experience in growing DTC brands is strong and he knows A LOT about copywriting. 

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2. Copy That by Sam Parr

copy that sam parr

Sam Parr is the founder of The Hustle Newsletter and its premium product called Trends. The Hustle was recently acquired by HubSpot. 

It’s safe to say Sam Parr knows a thing or two about copywriting. 

Copy That isn’t your typical email newsletter. It’s a paid newsletter where you receive 1 sales letter for 10 days (Monday – Friday) and the goal is to handwrite each one. 

I’ve subscribed to this and can confidently say it’s worth it. The sales letters are from the best copywriters including Gary Halbert. I eventually added some of the emails to my personal swipe file.

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3. Sticky Notes by Cole Schafer 

sticky notes

Cole Schafer is a hardcore copywriter. 

According to his site, there are 20,000 people subscribed to his newsletters. 

Shauefer doesn’t only write about marketing-specific copy. His book “On Minute, Please?”  is a collection of short stories about poetry, life, love, and creativity. 

So if that's you’re thing then it’s worth subscribing to Cole Schafer's newsletter.

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4. Go To Millions by Ari Murray

go to millions

Ari Murray is the Director of Growth at Sharma Brands and Creator at Work Week.

The newsletter is one of many featured on the Work Week website, although it’s quite specific to growth marketing and copywriting. 

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5. Yes Yes Marsha

yes yes marsha

Storytelling is often seen as the silver bullet in copywriting.

It’s how you captivate the reader and invoke an emotional response. 

If you want to learn about storytelling then Yes Yes Marsha will help. The newsletter goes deep into the frameworks you should be applying to tell a great story.

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6. The Menu by Amanda Natividad

the menu

Amanda Natividad is the VP of Marketing at SparkToro. The Menu was also mentioned as one of the “Top Marketing Newsletters” by Forbes.

Here’s what to expect in the newsletter:

  • 1 short essay on marketing or creating.
  • 1 recipe without a backstory.
  • 4 valuable or funny links.

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7. Copy Warfare by Andrew Holland

Andrew Holland is a seasoned copywriter who specializes in growing LinkedIn audiences.

His copywriting newsletter, Copy Warefare, covers many strategies with real examples that you can apply instantly. It’s a no bs newsletter full of copywriting gems.

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8. Work The Funnel by Chantelle Marcelle

work the funnel

Chantelle Marcelle is a seasoned marketer with a focus on improving conversion rates.

Work The Funnel is a more broad marketing newsletter although it does cover landing page examples. There’s great copy inspiration and you’ll be able to add the content to your own swipe file.

Sign up for Work The Funnel by Chantelle Marcelle.

9. Copywriting Examples by Harry Dry

copywriting examples

Harry Dry is a marketing gun. He posts loads of content on Linkedin and Twitter. 

Marketing Examples hosts a specific section that fusses purely on copywriting. This is where you’ll find some of the best teardowns and analyses of modern copywriting. All of the content Harry Dry publishes is actionable.

I highly recommend subscribing to Copywriting Examples.

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10. Marketing Examined by Alex Garcia

marketing examined

Alex Garcia was previously an Author at The Hustle (with Sam Parr). He’s now gone out on his own to build his own marketing company. His Twitter account has over 130k followers, and most of this growth has come from valuable threads breaking down marketing best practices.

The Marketing Examined newsletter is also slightly broader than copywriting although the content is very likely to help with your copy. 

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11. Swipe File by Corey Hains

swipe files

The Swipe File newsletter is a breakdown of the best copy on the internet. Core Hains helps you grow your business with immediately actionable advice.

His premium product goes much deeper into how you can apply this, although the free email is still valuable. Hains also built a SaaS product for copywriters who want to easily save and reference their swipe examples.

Sign up for Swipe File by Corey Hains.

12. Very Good Copy by Eddie Shleyner

very good copy

Very Good Copy is probably one of the most popular copywriting newsletters on the internet right now.

Eddie Shleyner is an expert copywriter who breaks down all the intricacies of writing persuasively. The site also hosts over 300 “micro” essays on copywriting, all of which are highly valuable.

If there’s only one newsletter you subscribe to on this list then make it this one.

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13. The Demand Curve Newsletter by Julian Shapiro 

demand curve

Julian Shapiro is the Founder of Demand Curve (growth program) and Bell Curve (marketing agency). The Demand Curve newsletter is more advanced than most. It breaks down the intricacies of a successful marketing strategy so it can be applied. 

Julian is well known for writing ultra-detailed handbooks on specific topics. He also has 255k Twitter followers which means he has the largest following on this list.

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14. Alex Cattoni's Copywriting Newsletter

Alex Cattoni Newsletter

Alex Cattoni is an expert copywriter. Not only does she have a copywriting agency that's crushing it, but her community of copywriters has over 100,000 members.

The newsletter covers everything a copywriter needs to know, including marketing best practices. So it's not just specific to copywriting. There are many other gems.

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15. The Creative Marketer by Shlomo Genchin

The Creative Marketer by Shlomo Genchin

Shlomo Genchin has written ads for brands such as Burger King, Michelin, and Siemens. Now, he's on a mission to defeat every copywriter's worst enemy – creative block.

So every other Thursday, he'll send you one technique that will help you write brilliant copy and get creatively unstuck.

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I help B2B software and service companies nail marketing and growth. In other words, I fill your bucket with water and plug all of the leaks.

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