11 SEO newsletters for best practices, strategies, and google updates

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When it comes to SEO, staying updated on best practices, new tactics, and google updates is critical. You want to know what to expect when to expect it, and how to take full advantage. 

The easiest way to make sure you’re well-informed is by subscribing to an SEO newsletter. 

However, the challenge is finding ones that are worthwhile. 

Below are the best SEO newsletters to subscribe to, in no particular order.

1. Ahrefs Digest

ahrefs digest

Ahrefs Digest is a free weekly newsletter produced by one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. You can expect to receive the latest news, ideas, strategies, and Ahrefs updates each week. Si Quan is the Content Marketer at Ahrefs that carefully curates and produces each newsletter. One of my favorite editions is “B2B content marketing examples, DIY SEO, and more”.

Subscribe to Ahrefs Digest here.

2. SEO Notebook by Steve Toth


Steve Toth is one of the best thought leaders in the industry. He has over 17k followers on LinkedIn and frequently shares tips with his audience. 

SEO Notebook is where I learned about the zero search-volume keyword tactic. Toth goes deep into exactly how to identify these keywords and then execute the strategy. He even presents his own results to back up his claims. Something that goes a long way in SEO. 

This particular newsletter isn’t as structured as the others. However, it’s a very transparent approach to what Steve Toth is working on and how you too can adopt his methods. 

Subscribe to SEO Notebook here.

3. Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

search engine journal

SEJ is a must for every SEO or business owner who invests in SEO. It’s the easiest way to stay up-to-date with the industry. The site is owned by Alpha Brand Media and employs approximately 25 people. This includes Project Managers, Writers, and Analysts.

It’s a trusted source of news for SEOs across the world. When it comes to staying informed Search Engine Journal is the best newsletter to subscribe to.

Signup for Search Engine Journal here.

4. The Weekly SEO

the weekly seo

The Weekly SEO has been around for a while. The founder, Andrew Charlton has posted over 180 issues. Each Monday you will receive a curated list of the best resource, articles, or case studies to guide you on your SEO journey.

My favorite issue is #183 which links to “11 Google Sheets formulas SEOs should know”. This isn’t something I would have found on my own unless it was on a need-to-know basis. 

Signup for The Weekly SEO here.

5. Women in Tech SEO 

women in tech seo

Women in Tech SEO isn’t an ordinary SEO newsletter. It’s also a growing community of women that openly discuss everything SEO-related. They have clear values and aim to empower women across the board.

One feature I found really interesting is the founder hub which hosts a global directory of female founders and CEOs. 

If you’re a woman in SEO looking to stay informed but also want access to a community of like-minded women this is for you!

Subscribe to Women in Tech SEO here.

6. WTF is SEO

wtf is seo

WTF is SEO is run by two industry professionals, Jessie Willms, and Shelby Blackley.

This newsletter is all about getting beginners up to speed. Particularly journalists and other news-based writers. The founders made it clear that they felt there was a huge knowledge gap when it came to SEO and newsrooms.

If you publish news articles then I highly suggest joining this substack. 

Subscribe to WTF is SEO here.

7. Growth Memo by Kevin Indig

Growth Memo

Kevin Indig is an angel investor and the Director of SEO at Shopify. He’s also a thought leader in the industry who frequently shares his ideas on Linkedin and Twitter. 

Growth Memo is quite literally a collection of memos that showcase and explore the “intersection of SEO and Growth”. A great example of this is the memo “the Short-form video is winning – what does that mean for SEO?”. This is something most SEOs are thinking about more deeply now that TikTok and YouTube shorts are being consumed so frequently. 

Signup for Growth Memo here.

8. Neil Patel’s Newsletter

neil patels newsletter

Neil Patel is probably the most popular SEO in the world. His site ranks in every marketing category you could think of. If this wasn’t enough, he also founded his own SEO tool called UberSuggest – which is actually pretty good!

If you’re looking for SEO advice from someone credible then Neil Patel is that guy.

Sign up for Neil Patel’s newsletter here.

9. The SEO Freelancer

the seo freelancer

The SEO Freelancer is run by Nick LeRoy, a highly successful SEO freelancer and the owner of seojobs.com. This particular newsletter is for anyone who freelances or is contemplating it. 

My favorite edition is “FIRED To $165,036.20 in 8 Months”. It sets the context for what the newsletter is all about and how much we can learn from Nick. 

As Nick puts it “Maybe you want to pay down some debt, make an extra payment on a car or simply enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. This newsletter is for you.”

Signup for SEO Freelancer here.

10. TL;DR Marketing

tldr marketing

TL;DR Marketing is one of the first marketing newsletters I ever subscribed to. The founder, Saijo George, has consistently been publishing great newsletters since 2015. He’s also the Director of SEO at Supple. 

This newsletter isn’t specific to SEO, it also covers PPC, social, and general marketing news you probably want to know. 

Fun fact: A couple of years ago I tried to make an offer for the newsletter but Saijo wouldn’t sell!

Subscribe to TL;DR Marketing here.

11. Search Engine Land 

search engine land

Search Engine Land is another huge SEO-based news site. 

The newsletter is a daily dose of the latest news, analysis, and tactical intelligence on search marketing. If you’re keen on a daily newsletter that keeps you updated on all things SEO then I suggest giving Search Engine Land a shot. 

Subscribe to Search Engine Land here.

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