Looking for a small business copywriter?

Hi, I’m Luc! I help small businesses attract and convert high-quality traffic. I do this by learning everything there is to know about your customer. From here I craft copy that acts as a slippery slope to your product. Book a free audit below and I’ll show you how!

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Finally, a copywriter who understands small businesses.

Working with other copywriters

❌ Don’t value customer interviews and user testing.

❌ Recycle copy from similar businesses.

❌ Experience based on years, not results.

❌ Forget that UX is just as important as copy.

Working with Me

✅ Experience acquiring, scaling, and my own sites.

✅ Product Manager approach to customer research.

✅ Decisions are based on data and case studies.

✅ Handles strategy and execution.

The best copy often comes straight from a customers mouth

It’s my job to get them to speak.

Too often copywriters will charge a hefty fee, apply a simple copywriting framework and call it a day.

This might solve one problem. But it creates many more.

The best copywriters understand four things:

  1. SEO best practices
  2. How to write persuasively
  3. How to read and interpret data
  4. How to conduct customer interviews and synthesize the results

When executed properly you can easily 10x your traffic, landing pages, product pages, email sequences and blog content. 

Want these types of results for your small business? 

Apply for an audit below.

Copywriting Services Tailored To Small Businesses

Copy that your website visitors will actually read. The goal is to turn your site into a slippery slope that inevitably converts more customers.

SEO-optimized blog content that funnels readers into actual customers. 

I’ll take care of everything in the eCommerce funnel. This includes ad copy, product pages, product descriptions, and email copy.

The only goal here is to help you make $30 for every $1 spent on email marketing. 

I’ll figure out exactly how to make the call to action a low-risk “no-brainer” for your customer. 

Users need a guiding voice for your product. I’ll help them navigate your product with ease, keeping them engaged for longer and less likely to churn.

The 5 step Process



Some businesses aren't a good fit. This is where we save each other the heartbreak and make sure we're upfront about expectations.



So we're a good fit.
This is where we workshop ideas, research your niche and funnel hack your competitors. You can expect a proposal at this point.



It's time to get a little deeper. I'll build a strategy that articulates exactly how to capitalize the opportunity. A project plan is also provided.



This is where I start executing the strategy. Everything from customer interviews to fine-tuning the copy. Turn around time is generally 3-6 weeks.



It's time to analyze the data. This is where I'll fine-tune and test variations of the copy. The goal is to squeeze the most out of your copy.

Frequent Asked Questions

Great question!

Firstly, not all small businesses will benefit from my services. Which means not everyone qualifies for a free audit.

If you qualify I’ll put together a mind map in Miro showcasing all the opportunities. This includes referencing some of your competitors and other high performing brands that are crushing it.

My experience is based on results not the number of years I’ve been a copywriter. I’ve acquired, scaled and sold my own digital businesses. 

Here’s some proof: How two non-technical founders built and sold a newsletter business in less than a year

Still not convinced? 

Read this: How to find business ideas and validate them quickly with Reddit (and other tools)


I strongly suggest reading these two articles before you contact me:


If you’re still unsure about how I can help your small business feel free to reach out here: luc@lucianoviterale.com

This depends on the small business you run.

Do you run a law firm? If yes, then no copywriting probably won’t make you much money. Your clients care more about the practicing lawyers, pricing and location.

Do you run a direct-to-consumer or business-to-business software company? Then yes, I’ll be able to increase the visitors to your site and convert more of them into paying customers.

Here are the types of businesses I love working with:

  • eCommerce Brands
  • SAAS Companies
  • Course Businesses
  • Sites that take bookings online
  • Niche Content Sites (especially if you’re not leveraging email)


A good rule of thumb is this: If new customers visit your website a few times before they do businesses with you then we can probably help you.