8 Reasons Why Copywriting Is Important For Your Business

why is copywriting important

In 2020 a Pastor from Southern California managed to generate $80,000+ in sales from a landing page. 

His sales funnel started with a free lead magnet and finished with a strong back-end offer. 

But what exactly could a Pastor from Southern California be selling?


He sold motivational tapes and eBooks to Christians struggling during the pandemic. 

You might be wondering how he managed this. It’s pretty simple.


In this article, I’ll break down what copywriting really is and why copywriting is important for businesses that want to succeed. 

First, what exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of marketing designed to persuade readers to take a specific action. The purpose is usually to generate as much money from landing pages, emails, ads, or even direct mail. 

Copywriters generally do four things:

  1. Learn everything about their customer’s problems
  2. Implement proven frameworks to write persuasively 
  3. Translate product or service features into clear benefits for the reader
  4. Continuously test their copy 

For example, if you were writing copy for an ad campaign where the goal was to get users to sign up for a free trial:

  • You would need to grab the user’s attention and hook them quickly. This is only possible if you know everything about them. 
  • You would need to give them a reason to continue reading. And do it quickly!
  • You would show them how you will improve their life. 
  • You would need to show them some social proof so they trust you.
  • You would let them know where they can sign up for a free trial.

Why is copywriting important?

All businesses require a copywriter in some way. It could be to write an email sequence or a technical brochure. It really doesn’t matter, the purpose is still the same.

Convince readers to buy your product.

However, copywriting goes beyond just getting a sale. 

Sometimes it’s necessary to convey your branding. 

Communicating with your potential customers isn’t an easy task, especially if you know nothing about them. 

A copywriter is responsible for deeply understanding the customer’s problems and how the business solves them.

Here are six key reasons why copywriting is actually really important.

1. Good copywriting builds strong relationships

One of the key functions of copywriting is to build strong relationships with your audience. A good copywriter will understand your audience well enough to speak their language. 

Doing so builds trust. Making a sale without trust is almost impossible. This is why many copywriting frameworks such as the AIDCA method focus on building trust and conviction. 

So if you want your potential customers to trust you, you should invest in a copywriter. 

2. Copywriting will make you superior to your competition 

This is a deal-breaker in some niches.

When it comes to supplements or nootropics, for instance, the differentiating factor is strong copywriting and branding. It’s still important that the product is high quality but supplements can be hard to sell. 

The benefit of a supplement isn’t immediate. 

Only a strong copywriter has the ability to make it seem that way.

supplement benefits
source: alpha brain product page

An average supplement brand might try to sell you the scientifically proven ingredients in their supplements. 

Although a supplement brand with an amazing copywriter will sell you the benefits. They’ll show you exactly how your life will be better with their supplement.

3. The right copywriter will make you loads of money

The right copywriter will increase revenue.

Your copywriter should have the skills and experience to write sales pages that seriously convert. 

A good copywriter will increase your ROI by creating effective landing pages, lead-generating forms, emails, and other marketing material. Your conversion rates should dramatically increase.

Copywriters also know what motivates people to buy and how to create urgency so that customers take action now! 

They understand customer psychology at an instinctual level. 

4. You can use the same copy across multiple marketing efforts

Getting a copywriter to overhaul your website won’t just increase your site’s conversion rates. 

It’ll increase them across all of your marketing efforts. This includes blog posts or case studies written.

It’s very likely you’ll use the same copy, or variations of it to build emails, Facebook ads, etc. Media companies might even use snippets of it when they’re featuring you in a piece

This means the copy is likely to become integrated across the whole business. It’s important to get it right from the beginning. 

5. Copywriting cuts through the noise to gain the right attention

Gaining attention on the internet has been harder than ever.

Ultra-engaging videos perfectly curated to your interests seem to be the only thing keeping your attention.

This is where a copywriter comes in handy.

By deeply understanding your audience it’s much easier for a copywriter to gain their attention, and keep it.

6. Copywriting is essential for conversion rate optimization (CRO)

With tools such as Google Analytics, Optimizely, or Crazy Egg it’s easy to test and track the performance of different copy.

Gary Halbert, a copywriting legend, believed in testing copywriting frameworks and variations of your copy for the best results. 

But, if this idea actually works, we have something much more valuable than our $9,920.00 profit. Yes indeed, my boy. You see, if this idea works what we have is a “winning formula”!

Gary Halbert, Boron Letters

7. Copywriting is different for B2B and D2C businesses

Business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses are wildly different. One sells to businesses and the other sells directly to consumers. As you can imagine the decision-maker and the intent are different.

The copy needs to reflect this.

For B2B copywriting, it’s not always about making instant sales. 

What you’re trying to communicate to your customers is that you’re competent at performing something. It could be selling houses, building enterprise CRMs, managing a social media account, etc.

Either way, the goal is to prove your solution is best for the business

In B2B copywriting you want to do three things:

  1. Provide leading industry insights
  2. Provide relevant advice
  3. Provide case studies 

D2C is slightly different. The market is ultra-competitive since the barriers to entry are so low. Social proof is everything for D2C businesses.

When competition is high the only way to stand out is to build a strong brand and communicate effectively with customers. Copywriters can do this.

8. Copywriters can uncover product opportunities

Copywriters handle customer interviews and user testing.

This is usually a job for a Product Manager although it equally benefits copywriters.

Through customer interviews, you gain deep insight into how and why your customers use your product. From here you can make adjustments based on the feedback.

In turn, this will make your copy and product more effective, resulting in more sales.

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Executive summary

Here are eight reasons why copywriting is important:

  1. Good copywriting builds strong relationships
  2. Copywriting will make you superior to your competition
  3. The right copywriter will make you loads of money
  4. You can use the same copy across multiple marketing efforts
  5. Copywriting cuts through the noise to gain the right attention
  6. Copywriting is essential for conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  7. Copywriting is different for B2B and D2C businesses
  8. Copywriters can uncover product opportunities

My top copywriting recommendations
  1. Favorite copywriting tool: Jasper (see the full list here)
  2. Favorite SEO tools: SE Ranking (see the review here)
  3. Favorite content optimizer: Surfer SEO and SE Ranking
  4. Favorite copywriting accelerator: Copy That by Sam Parr

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