How To Apply The Before After Bridge (BAB) Copywriting Formula

before after bridge copywriting formula

Copywriting formulas make our life easier and our work better.

The same way software engineers reuse good code, we copywriters can reference winning formulas to produce high quality work. 

Build-After-Bridge also known as “BAB” is one of these winning formulas. In this article, I’ll explain what it means, and when to use it, I’ll share some examples and I’ll even give you some alternatives. 

What is the BAB copywriting formula all about?

The BAB formula is frequently used in email campaigns to drive action. The idea is to build hype around a product/service by quickly showcasing how you can help your reader solve their problem. Below is a simple breakdown.

Before: This is where you highlight the reader's current situation, emphasizing the particular pain points or problems they face.

After: Then you make it clear how their problems will disappear with your solution. You want to point out how good the end state will be. 

Bridge: This is the final (and most important) step in the formula. You need to prove that your product is the bridge to the solution. Make it clear that by taking the action the issues will be solved.

Examples of the BAB copywriting formula

Example 1: A Zero Sugar Natural Energy Drink

There’s nothing worse for you than having an artificial energy drink full of sugar. It ruins your health, and concentration, and doesn’t even give you lasting energy. (Before)

But the good news is there are ways to achieve longer-lasting energy without consuming poison. (After)

Simply try our 100% natural nootropic juice and experience longer-lasting energy. (Bridge)

Example 2: A Free Crypto Tax Webinar Before EOFY (end of financial year)

The IRS loves cracking down on ignorant crypto traders who don’t know what to do at tax time. (Before)

It sounds complicated but there are only two key things you need to do to avoid penalties. (After)

Join our FREE live webinar with Crypto expert John Smith to find out exactly what to do before you submit your taxes this year. (Bridge)

Example 3: Smart Scale & App

63% of Americans who tried a diet in the last 12 months say they failed less than 30 days after commencing. (Before)

Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.”. Simply measuring your weight significantly increases your chances of reaching your goals. (After)

This is why our Elixir Smart Scale does all the hard work for you, making it incredibly easy to win back your dream body. Get a 30% Christmas discount now before stock runs out. (Bridge)

Tips for using the BAB copywriting formula

  • The BAB copywriting formula is most effective when used in emails. 
  • Keep the copy to less than 500 words. According to LXAHub, sales emails with 200-250 words witness the highest response rate of 19%. 
  • In order to use the BAB formula you need to understand your customer's problems deeply. Be sure to conduct customer interviews or run surveys to collect data. 
  • Try to use the word “you” in the sales email or subject line for an increase in conversion. According to Hubspot, you can expect up to 47% more sales. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is the BAB formula better than the PAS formula?

It’s hard to say whether BAB formula is better than PAS formula since they serve different purposes. Even though they seem similar, the BAB formula is widely used for writing emails. The PAS formula is more versatile, it can be used for many things including landing pages, ads, and emails. 

When should you use the BAB formula?

You should use the BAB copywriting formula when you’re writing sales emails. However, the formula is very simple and you could apply it to other types of copy if you want to simplify your messaging using a framework. 

What alternatives are there to the BAB formula?

There are loads of alternatives. However, the most popular alternatives are:

PAS (Pain, Agitate, Solve)
AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
AIDCA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action)


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Actionable tips