11 Best Enterprise SEO Tools & Software To Help You Scale In 2023

best enterprise seo tools and software

The term “enterprise” is often thrown around in the SEO space. 

It’s easy to get confused about what enterprises are and why they need their own product suite.

We often refer to enterprise businesses as large companies, usually employing hundreds or thousands of people. Their website might generate millions of visitors monthly and drive substantial revenue. They can include companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Walmart, and Morgan Stanley. 

However, enterprise SEO tools can be used by any business that has a larger website, a complex website, a strategy that relies purely on SEO, or a team of marketers. They’re not exclusively built for these Fortune 500 companies. Think of an eCommerce company with an extensive product catalog or a FinTech startup leveraging programmatic SEO. They might not have hundreds of employees, but they can still have enterprise-level requirements.

So in this article, I’ll share the best enterprise SEO platforms and answer some common questions in regard to choosing the right one for your business. 

Best Enterprise SEO Software – Summary

Here's the TL;DR

  • SE Ranking is the best scalable SEO software. 🔥🔥
  • Serpstat has advanced features like project management.
  • Surfer SEO is the best tool for improving content at scale. 🔥🔥
  • Semrush has enterprise-level SEO and PPC capabilities.
  • Clearscope is a more advanced and expensive Surfer SEO competitor.
  • SEO Clarity is best for enterprise customers that need automation.
  • Searchmetrics is the best enterprise reporting software.
  • Similarweb has the most accurate and helpful competitor analysis tool.
  • AccuRanker helps you stay on top of your SERP rankings. 🔥
  • Moz Pro is a great all-rounder SEO tool.
  • Ahrefs is the most popular enterprise SEO tool.

11 best enterprise SEO software and tools in detail

1. SE Ranking

I’ve covered SE Ranking many times, and there's a good reason for this. It is one of the few all-in-one SEO tools that are extremely simple to use. They even offer solutions specifically for enterprises. This stacks up as one of the best enterprise-level SEO software because they have advanced data reporting, team workflows, APIs, and additional support. 

seranking enterprise

If you have specific requirements, you can negotiate a tailored plan. This might not be necessary though, since the business plan allows you to create a bespoke plan based on keywords, user seats, SERP checks, and other relevant features. So unless you need an advanced API plan you should be okay to use their software out of the box.

Specific features built for enterprisesNo transparency on the enterprise plans or pricing 
Additional support available
Your company's data is secure and won’t be leaked to third parties

One thing I like about SE Ranking: Their keyword rank tracker is one of the most accurate on the market. They claim it’s 100% accurate, which is bold. The 1000+ reviews support this.

Pricing: The business plan starts at $239/mo, which increases depending on your specific requirements. If this isn’t enough, you can negotiate a more suitable plan. 

G2 review: 4.9/5

Start a free SE Ranking trial.

2. Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-rounder SEO tool that is suitable for enterprises. They don't explicitly have a page for enterprises on their website, which I find odd since they work with many.  

serpstat enterprise

I’ve still included this on the list because their clients include Shopify, Phillips, Lenovo, Deloitte, Uber, and Samsung. If they can service customers of this caliber, then I’m sure they’ll be able to help other enterprises. 

Access the whole product suite regardless of the plan (tiers based on user seats)UX/UI isn’t as nice as other tools
Project management capabilities Enterprise only has 7 user seats, you might need to negotiate for more
The product suite includes more broad digital marketing tools such as PPC analysis

One thing I like about Serpstat: It’s the only full suite SEO tool with an AI writing assistant. The content analysis suite has over 10 tools for writers, content marketers, copywriters, and other marketing professionals. Serpstat is truly a scalable SEO tool that would benefit most enterprise companies.

Pricing: The enterprise plan starts at $499/mo for 7 users, although if this isn’t enough, you can negotiate a completely bespoke plan. 

G2 review: 4.6/5

Start a 7-day free trial with Serpstat. 

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a popular AI writing assistant that helps optimize your content for user intent. It’s one of Clearscope’s key competitors. Surfer SEO started as a content optimization tool but quickly expanded into a bite-sized data-driven SEO tool. It’s an excellent option for enterprises that want to optimize their content at scale. With their AI writing integrations it's almost an essential tool for enterprise websites.

surfer seo

Surfer SEO has essentially productized content marketing and on-page SEO. The Grow Flow product suite goes beyond optimizing articles and allows you to measure the “all-time results” or the “impact” of Surfer SEO on your website. 

Very accurate recommendationsAn overwhelming product suite makes it hard to understand how everything works – watching the onboarding video is important
Various integrations with other key software in the SEO ecosystem
The onboarding process is very detailed so you can get the most out of the product
The content editor will notify you of broken links.

One thing I like about Surfer SEO: It has more integration options than its competitors. These include an API, Jasper, Semrush, WordPress, and Google Docs. 

Pricing for enterprises: The business plan starts at $239/mo for 140-page audits, 70 content editor articles, and 10 user seats. If this isn’t enough, Surfer SEO offers custom plans for enterprises. 

G2 review: 4.8/5

Try Surfer SEO for free.

4. Semrush

Semrush is a popular all-rounder SEO tool. It competes with digital marketing software like Ahrefs, Moz, and Mangools. It has an extensive product suite making it a preferred option amongst many SEOs. Enterprise companies should use Semrush since it covers SEO, content, market research, and social media. 

semrush enterprise

The business plan comes packed with everything you’ll need, including add-on services such as Semrush Trends, ImpactHero (AI marketing assistant), and additional user seats. One key differentiator is in the business plan, it allows you to crawl large websites with up to 100k pages per audit.

Very extensive product suiteThe additional tools can become very expensive when compared to alternatives
Extended API available for enterprises

One thing I like about Semrush: The product suite includes social media and research tools. This is rare for an SEO tool but is still very useful. 

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Pricing for enterprises: The business plan starts at $449.95/mo with additional options starting from $150/mo. However, if this isn’t suited to your requirements, Semrush offers customized plans.

G2 review: 4.6/5

Get started with Semrush. 

5. Clearscope

Clearscope is an premium content optimization tool that leverages Google’s Natural Language API to make accurate recommendations. Companies can run all of the content through the software and generate a detailed report on improving the quality. As you can imagine, doing this at scale could increase a website's ranking. 


The enterprise plan includes custom onboarding, custom credits, and team workflows. Their enterprise clients include Adobe, Deloitte, Youtube, and Intuit. Clearscope is a Surfer SEO competitor that is slightly more tailored to enterprise websites but is more expensive.

Accurate content improvement recommendationsVery expensive in comparison to other SEO software
The reviews are almost perfect
Intuitive to use making it easy to onboard users

One thing I like about Clearscope: They have a Google Doc and WordPress addon. If you’re trying to scale content, these two features alone could save you hundreds of hours. 

Pricing: The business plan starts at $1,200/mo for 100 content report credits and 200 content inventory credits. Enterprises will need to negotiate a custom plan if this isn’t enough. 

G2 review: 4.9/5

Try Clearscope now.

6. SEO Clarity

SEO Clarity is an SEO platform specifically for scaling SEO growth. It leverages data, AI, and automation. This platform is worth looking into for companies investing in enterprise SEO as a channel for growth. The automation features alone could save SEO's from building custom API workflows and spending money on excessive calls.

seo clarity

The platform includes tools for keyword research, content marketing, SEO reporting, technical SEO, competitor insights, and an automation tool. 

Includes an automation tool to help roll out updatesThe interface is a bit old.
Tailored specifically for enterprise SEO and companies that want to scale

One thing I like about SEO Clarity: It integrates with your tech stack to help deploy fixes or content updates based upon recommendations. If you're looking for a scalable SEO tool then I would try SEO Clarity.

Pricing: You will need to reach out to get a custom quote. 

G2 review: 4.5/5

Try SEO Clarity.

7. Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is one of the few SEO tools that is tailored for enterprises. They claim to “help the largest companies in the world tap into market demand and increase sales”. The product suite is specially built for companies that require a scalable solution. 


Not only do they have an SEO platform, but they also offer consumer insights, and consulting. You’re able to select your categories, data sets, and KPIs. From here, Searchmetrics will create insights on demand to help you make better decisions. 

Tailored insights based on industryNo pricing options available on the site
They offer consulting which most enterprises will require at some point

One thing I like about Searchmetrics: They offer competitive analysis through visual charting. It resembles more of a business intelligence tool which is helpful for organizations making decisions based on big data. 

Pricing: There are no pricing options available on the site. Searchmetrics offer bespoke plans based on specific requirements. 

G2 review: 4.3/5

Get in touch with Searchmetrics.

8. Similarweb

Similarweb is a competitor analysis platform that helps businesses understand their competitors' actions to win. They provide a full suite of research, marketing, sales, and investor tools. Similar to Searchmetrics, the platform resembles a business intelligence tool more than an SEO tool. 


I will note that it’s less of a “hands-on” SEO tool and more of a market research tool to guide businesses' strategic decisions. The reason I’ve still included this in the list is that competitor research is critical for dominating SEO. However, when your competitors have thousands of pages and millions of visits per month a regular tool won't cut it. 

Great for benchmarkingDoesn’t have a traditional suite of SEO tools
The research is very deep and provides clear guidance on how to overtake your competitors

One thing I like about Similarweb: The benchmarking tool makes knowing how you stack up against your competitors incredibly obvious. This includes metrics such as visits, bounce rates, device split, and duration. 

Pricing: To get an accurate price, you must contact a sales rep. The free version is shrinking in usage and features each time I check.

G2 review: 4.5/5 

Try Similarweb now

9. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is an enterprise-level SERP (search engine results page) tracker. They claim to be the fastest SERP checker on the market, and to my knowledge, they’re the only one that offers segmentation and data cubing. AccuRanker also closely resembles a business intelligence tool.  


Their software isn’t as simple to use as others on this list and will require a time investment to learn. AccuRankers clients include Hubspot, Kinsta, Ikea, and Aira. These enterprise companies rely heavily on organic traffic to grow so it’s safe to say if they trust AccuRanker, your business can too. 

Ultra-fastA great option if you have members of your team who understand data
Deep segmentation options
Ability to create custom views that can be shared

One thing I like about AccuRanker: They offer on-demand and daily SERP updates to reduce the lag time between updates. If you want to scale quickly and make sure everything is moving in the right direction I would suggest AccuRanker.

Pricing: Accuranker operates on a scaled pricing model based on keywords. You can track 50,000 keywords for $2,492/mo. For anything more than this you’ll need to contact a sales rep for a custom quote. 

G2 review: 4.8/5

Start a free trial with AccuRanker.

10. Moz Pro

Moz is a very popular SEO tool that directly competes with Ahrefs and Semrush. They have an all-in-one product suite that includes keyword analysis, SERP tracking, site audits, link optimization, and content optimization. 

moz pro

One feature that separates Moz from its competitors is the keyword prioritization metrics. Trying to conduct keyword research at scale is not a small task. Additional metrics to help identify which ones are worth targeting first can substantially impact a company's revenue. As much as I love Moz Pro, I still find it slightly outdated, with other competitors updating their product suites much faster.

Keyword prioritization metrics Compared to its rivals the product suite isn’t as extensive
Cheaper than its competitors 

One thing I like about Moz: The keyword prioritization metrics are very helpful. If you’re trying to execute enterprise SEO then this could make the process a whole lot easier. 

Pricing: The premium plan costs $599/mo for 4,500 keyword rankings, 8 million total page crawls, 30,000 keyword queries, and loads more. However, if you need a more tailored plan you can contact a sales rep for a bespoke solution. 

G2 review: 4.4/5

Try Moz Pro now.

11. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is arguably the most popular SEO tool in the market. It handles all your SEO requirements, from keyword research to SERP tracking and analysis. I check Ahrefs daily to stay on top of my own site and I’ve even used it within an enterprise company.

ahrefs enterprise

Out of all of the all-rounder SEO tools on the market, Ahrefs is the most accommodating for large businesses. They know that not all companies have the same requirements and they do their best to offer excellent support and flexibility. More recently, they've released a third version of their API, giving users more flexibility. API v3 will let Enterprise plan users pull data from the site explorer’s overview, backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, top pages, and a lot more metrics that are helpful in accurate reporting.

Great all-rounder SEO toolVery limited when it comes to reporting 
API available Expensive at the enterprise level
New API gives a lot of flexibility on which data you can pull
The website crawls are great at picking up broken links
Dedicated customer support for enterprises

One thing I like about Ahrefs: They go to a great deal to cater to enterprises. You’ll likely get better support and a more suitable plan. I’ve noticed with enterprise companies that they consider the level of support they receive. Some companies will refuse to sign a vendor if they don’t have a dedicated support channel and an SLA.

Pricing: The enterprise plan starts at $999/mo for 100 projects and 2M API calls per month. However, you can book a call to negotiate a bespoke plan.

G2 review: 4.6/5

Start an Ahrefs trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes an SEO tool suitable for enterprises?

Firstly, I want to emphasize that enterprise-level SEO tools can be suitable for many companies. 

Yes, this includes publicly traded companies. But it also includes eCommerce businesses, sites with programmatic pages, and even comparison sites.
The primary justification for using an enterprise SEO tool or plan is to achieve scale. If the website has hundreds or thousands of critical pages a regular seo tool or plan won’t cut it. Thousands of keywords, pages, SERP rankings, and notifications could need to be managed. 

Here are some features that generally make an SEO tool suitable for enterprises:

– Custom pricing based on requirements
– Additional user seats for a lower price 
– Access to the full product suite without restriction
– API available with at least 500k call credits a month
– Service level agreements (SLA)
– More support. Including demos, onboarding, and dedicated customer success reps
– Additional features to manage large data sets
– Additional security features to ensure your data is safe and not lost

How do I choose the best enterprise SEO tool for my business?

Here are the steps I would take when searching for the best SEO tools for my business:

Step 1: Make a detailed list of requirements (use the MoSCoW framework)
Step 2: Contact your shortlist of candidates from this list for a quote and demo
Step 3: Negotiate between each vendor until you get the best deal 

Why are there so many SEO tools on this list?

Great question! This is because not all of the tools offer the same features. Some of them are all-rounder SEO tools, while others are specific for competitor analysis or NLP content improvements. However, every software mentioned is suitable for an enterprise. 

Which is the best all-rounder enterprise SEO?

This is a hard question to answer because it really depends on your requirements and budget.

All of the tools on this list can be used for enterprises. Some are full-suite products, and others are great for something specific such as rank tracking or reporting. 
However, there are two tools I am leaning towards. The first is SEO Clarity since it is designed specifically for enterprises. The other tool is Searchmetrics because of the consumer insight tool that sits on top of the SEO products. 

What about Google Search Console and Google Analytics?

These are mandatory tools for anyone who takes SEO seriously. However, they're limited, and you will need additional tools (preferably ones that integrate).

What are the best enterprise SEO tools for managers?

This will depend on the requirements, everything from SERP monitoring to reporting. My go-to tools would be SERanking or Ahrefs. This is because they're both easy to use and versatile.


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