13 places to find expert blog writers for hire in 2024

best places to find blog writers for hire

A high-performing blog is worth its weight in gold to business owners. 

You can easily generate new customers on autopilot, reduce your customer acquisition cost, and become an authority in your niche. Simply by posting high-quality and relevant blog posts.

The only problem is ranking for competitive terms is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. This is why you need to make sure you hire the right blog writers. 

And if possible, you want to hire writers that have unfair advantages that can propel your blog even further.

In this article, I’ll share 12 places where you can find awesome blog writers for hire.

1. Luciano Viterale

luciano viterale blog writing

Luciano is one of the few SEO blog writers with real experience buying, building, and selling his own internet businesses. His work has been featured on high-profile sites like Zapier, Starter Story, and The Stock Dork. Luciano mainly specializes in helping eCommerce and SaaS companies attract and convert high-quality traffic. His core services are copywriting, SEO content writing (i.e. blogging), and email marketing. Some of his clients include Ticker Nerd, Wealthlab, Zapier, and MyBond.

Luciano's research process is one of the key separators from other blog writers. Whether it’s through keyword research, competitor research, gap analysis, or SERP analysis he’s able to extract key insights that form a successful strategy. His writing style speaks to readers and keeps them engaged.

💡 If you’re interested in hiring Luciano you can book a free audit or email him at luc@lucianoviterale.com.

Here are some examples of his work:

2. Superpath


Superpath was founded by Jimmy Daly and Walter Chen. It’s now one of the largest communities for content marketers. The Slack group alone hosts over 10,000 bloggers and content marketers ready to take on gigs. It’s a great place for businesses to get access to expert blogging talent. Most of the writers operate on a freelance model which means you can leverage them as much or as little as your business requires. 

I’ve personally used Superpath and I’m still active in the Slack community. If you’re interested in hiring a writer for a gig you can do this for free via the Slack group. Otherwise, you can post a full-time role for $299. 

3. Contra


Contra is a new independent commission-free platform for freelancers. They pride themselves on having “everything you need to launch, build, and grow your Independent career”. As you can imagine, this attracts great talent. Companies such as Figma, Copy.ai, and Alamanac have leveraged Contra for blog writers.

Contra is rated 4.9/5 with over 5,000 upvotes on Product Hunt. If this wasn’t enough, Contra won two Golden Kitty awards. This is somewhat unheard of when it comes to Product Hunt and is a testament to how great the platform really is.

4. Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger is one of the original marketplaces and job boards for blogging talent. It was founded by Darren Rowse in 2004 and it now boasts an email list of 300,000 bloggers. 

You can find thousands of keen writers using this platform. And unlike some of the other tools, you can post a job for only $80. You can also choose to hire contractors, freelancers, or part-time and full-time writers. 

5. Writer Access

writer access

Writer Access is a tool that connects businesses with high-quality writers. It also handles the whole content creation process so you can expect vetted writers. Whether you’re an agency or a small business you can benefit from their services. The good news is that you get access to 15,000 content writers and up to 500 editors. 

I’ve personally used Writer Access to produce blog posts and the quality I’ve received has been great. I recommend this for anyone who requires a lot of content each month or prefers to use a larger company with a well-oiled process. You can sign up for a trial or reach out to one of the customer success managers for a demo. I’ve found the team to be very helpful.

6. Contentwriters.com


Contentwriters.com is another self-service content platform that offers a manager service. One key separator is the clients that use the platform. IHerb, Expedia, CBS Interaction, and Legal Zoom are all clients, this is a clear testament to the quality of the writers. Contentwriters.com also has a 100% money-back guarantee which isn’t common among its competitors. 

If you’re looking for a low-risk way to hire blog writers then contentwriters.com is worth a shot. You can simply create a free account or reach out to the team via the website contact form.

7.  Peak Freelance

peak freelance

Peak Freelance was founded by Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan. It’s somewhat similar to Superpath although the community is more tight-knit. They also have clear goals of helping freelance blog writers skill up and earn more money. Since I’m also part of the Peak Freelance community I can confirm the quality of writers is great. 

The job board has three tiers you can select from when posting a job. You can choose either bronze, silver, or gold. Each tier comes with a different set of benefits such as being featured or posted for longer. You can expect to find highly skilled blog writers who have access to the best resources in this community.

8. Compose.ly

composely content

Compose.ly is a self-service content marketplace that also offers a managed content service. You can leverage compose.ly to find your own writers by creating briefs and assigning them to work. Although, if you prefer to be more hands-off you can engage the team’s managed content service and let the experts handle everything for you. Compose.ly’s clients are impressive, they include Mailchimp, WebMB, and Calendly.

Compose.ly is suited for businesses that have already conducted keyword research and competitor analysis. If you’re interested in working with the team you can request a sample of work via their site.

9. Animalz


Animalz is a content marketing agency that purely focuses on enterprise companies, startups, and VC firms. Jimmy Daly, the Co-founder of Superpath (covered above) was the ex-VP of Growth. They’re a high-quality agency that is capable of producing world-class content. 

Their customers include Google, Amazon, Airtable, Zendesk, and AdEspresso. World-class writers aren’t cheap, so if you're interested in working with the team at Animalz be prepared to make the investment.

10. Crowd Content

crowd content

Crowd Content is similar to Compose.ly, they host a content marketplace of over 2,000 pre-screened writers along with an optional managed service. Whether you’re an agency, eCommerce store, publisher, or brand, Crowd Content can fulfill your requirements. Their approach to quality separates them from other content marketplaces, they have a rigorous application process where only 15% of new writers pass. 

If you’re looking for a content marketplace with the highest quality writers then Crowd Content could be for you. However, you will need to request a quote since they do not offer standard pricing plans.

11. Upwork


Upwork is probably the most popular marketplace in the world for freelance talent. You can find someone to help you with anything. However, this comes with its own challenges. Since there are so many blog writers on the platform it requires more effort on your part to ensure you hire the right person. Upwork is a great place to find value-for-money writers if you produce a high-quality brief and vet your writers properly. 

I haven’t found great writers on Upwork, however, I have worked with great designers. Everyone will have a different experience so it’s best to try the service before you dismiss it.

12. Marketer Hire

marketer hire

Marketer Hire is a new platform that helps businesses hire the best freelance marketing talent. They pride themselves on having experienced marketers from some of the best companies in the world. They’re also trusted by the best companies in the world including Netflix, Forbes, BuzzFeed, and Hello Fresh. 

If you’re looking to hire an expert freelance blog writer then I suggest signing up for Marketer Hire. 

13. Writing Studio

writing studio

Writing Studio is a content agency based in New Zealand. They offer services such as blog posts, articles, whitepapers, press releases, newsletters, ebooks, technical content, and ghostwriting. They've worked with reputable companies like banks.com, deel, and Healthline so you're in good hands.

Pricing is based on a cents-per-word arrangement with the cheapest option priced at $0.15c per word for more than 100k words. All packages include a manager service and editing/proofreading. Keep in mind you won't be hiring specific blog writers or freelance writers, Writing Studio will do this for you and simply deliver the end result.

Wrapping up

Hiring a blog writer should be easier with this list. However, one consideration to think about is your SEO & content plan. 

It’s possible to find amazing writers but without a detailed content plan that ladders up to your marketing goals, it’s a wasted investment. You might end up paying for an optimized blog post that sits on your website but doesn't generate any meaningful revenue.

Ideally, you want the articles to be able to help you land customers on auto-pilot. This means you want your blog posts to rank on the first page of Google for commercially valuable terms. Without this blogging can be a sunk cost with no return on investment. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to hire a blog writer?

The cost to hire a blog writer varies based on several factors.

Experience: Novice writers might charge $200 per article, while seasoned professionals can charge $1500+. Remember, you get what you pay for and with AI becoming more prominent it's even more important to hire a writer with EEAT.
Length: Do you want a short 500-word article? or do you need a 2,500 word bottom of funnel article? Longer articles typically cost more since more effort goes into them.
Type of article: Are you looking for a “how to article” or do you need a bottom-of-the-funnel article that will drive conversions for your business? This will change the price.
Research: As expected, in-depth, research-intensive topics may have higher rates. In some cases, writers will handle the content strategy and research for you which can cost more.
Niche expertise: Specialized subjects, especially in B2B sectors, can command premium prices. Technical writers can charge more since they cover complex topics such as health or finance.
Frequency: Regular, ongoing assignments might secure discounted rates.
Geography: Writers from different regions may have varying rates.

It's essential to balance cost with quality. Investing in a skilled writer can yield better engagement and ROI for your content strategy. Expert writers will be able to create a content strategy, conduct keyword research, and write high-quality content.

What should I look for in a blog writer?

When seeking a freelance blog writer, prioritize their writing proficiency, excellent grammar, and subject expertise, and always review their portfolio.

Familiarity with your industry will ensure insightful content, while strong research skills guarantee their work is accurate. It's also crucial they produce original pieces and can adapt to your brand's voice. Additionally, a grasp of SEO is critical. Ultimately, select a writer who resonates with your brand's ethos and objectives and understands how to produce content that ranks.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of enhancing a website's visibility on search engines like Google or Yahoo. It involves creating optimized web content, structures, and external factors to rank higher in search engine results pages for specific keywords.

The goal is to attract organic (non-paid) traffic, which can lead to increased visibility and conversions. Key components include keyword research, on-page optimization (like meta tags and content quality), off-page optimization (like backlinks), and technical SEO (ensuring site speed and mobile-friendliness).

This is why it's critical to only hire writers who have a deep understanding of SEO best practices.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing has become a popular marketing strategy due to its effectiveness if executed correctly. It's a strategic approach focused on creating, publishing, and distributing relevant content to attract and engage a target audience.

Instead of directly promoting products or services, it offers information that educates, entertains, or solves problems for potential customers. This builds trust, and brand loyalty, and drives action. Common approaches to content marketing include blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, and e-books. This works best when coupled with a strong email marketing strategy.

B2B companies tend to focus on content marketing since it can drive significant growth in the long run.


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✅ Proven strategies

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