7 Best AI Content Detection Tools (Free & Paid)

best ai content detection tools

Whether we like it or not AI has changed the way we work forever.

Maybe you ask ChatGPT to answer multi-step questions or you leverage GPT4 to write 100,000 words a day. 

I’m not here to judge you.

But I am here to tell you that Google (and the user) can tell the difference between an AI-written piece and a human-generated piece of content. So it’s important to make sure you’re running your content through an AI detection tool before going live.

In this article, I’ll share the best AI content detectors and I’ll reference the same unedited Chat GPT output to cross-reference the score between each tool.

chatgpt ai output
ChatGPT prompt to write an introduction about why German Shepherds are the best dogs.

1. Content At Scale

Content At Scale is one of the few companies in the AI writing space capitalizing on the true capabilities of AI. The platform allows marketers, content creators, and solopreneurs alike to generate unique long-form posts from simple prompts, keywords, podcast recordings, or even YoutTube videos.

content at scale output
Content At Scale AI content detector output

This is one of the more detailed yet lenient detectors. I like the fact it highlights which paragraphs are most predictable and requires rewriting. However, I do think it's a bit too lenient since I directly copied the ChatGPT output and pasted it into this detector without any changes.

2. Originality AI

Originality AI claims to be the most accurate AI and plagiarism detector on the market. If you plan on leveraging AI to write your content then leveraging a tool like this is a must. Unlike the other competitors on this list, Originality AI only specializes in detecting plagiarism and AI written content, this means they’re more likely to have better-trained detection models. 

originality ai
Originality AI dashboard

While they claim to be the most accurate, they're not free and won't allow you to test their tools first. Given the fact every other competitor on this list allows you to test their products first, I wouldn't recommend signing up for Orinality Ai unless they change this feature.

3. Crossplag

Crossplag is a multi-language plagiarism checker used by academics, blog writers, and content creators more broadly. It’s able to take your content and cross-reference it across the internet in all different languages to make sure it’s not being plagiarised. On the surface, this might seem novel but it’s critical since people can easily steal content and translate it into another language and market with minimal consequences. More recently, Cossplag released an AI detection feature that is incredibly simple and easy to use.

Crossplag AI content detector and output screen

I'm glad Crossplag was able to detect that the content was mainly written by AI, however, it would be nice if it provided some insights into why it came to the 100% AI conclusion. Overall, I like the fact it works but would prefer more metrics to guide my next steps.

4. Copy Leaks

Copy Leaks is a three-in-one content detection tool. The product suite features an AI content detector, plagiarism checker, and AI content grader. It’s leveraged by many credible organizations including Semrush, United Nations, Medium, Dictionary.com, and UNICEF. One feature that separates it from the competitors is the AI detection Chrome extension which can help you identify which other websites are leveraging AI content with minimal effort to improve it. 

copyleaks output
Copyleaks AI content detector output

The output screen has a terrible UX and UI. It took me about 5 or 10 seconds to realize that the red highlighted text meant the whole input is flagged as AI-generated. Similar to Crossplag, I would prefer more metrics around the content to help guide the next steps.

5. Sapling

Unlike the other products on this list, Sapling is an AI product built for sales, support, and success teams. It sits on top of CRMs and provides lightning-fast and accurate responses to help staff answer questions and make recommendations. The good news is that they’ve leveraged their existing technology to an AI content detector and Chrome extension. 

Sapling output
Sapling AI content detector output

This output is fairly similar to the other tools on this list and my comments would remain the same. However, I like the fact you can share the result. This would be handy when you need to communicate with other people in your organization to make a decision on the next steps.

6. Smodin

Smodin is an AI-backed writing tool that helps writers, students, and marketers produce higher-quality work. The product suite includes a content rewriter, plagiarism checker, citation generator, multi-lingual translator, and much more. However, the key benefit to Smodin is the free AI content detector tool. 

smodin output
Smodin AI content detector output

This is one of the more advanced tools I've come across. The results are accurate and fairly similar to the other tools. However, the ability to choose between strict and lenient AI tolerance is handy.

7. Hugging Face AI Content Detector 

Hugging Face is an AI community helping developers build, train and deploy powerful open-source machine learning models. Companies like Meta, Intel, Microsoft, and Grammarly use Hugging Face. One of the spaces includes an AI Content Detector tool which is completely free to use.

hugging face output
Hugging Face AI content detector output

The output is relatively accurate and on par with the other tools. The only downside was the time to produce an answer. I had to wait at least 30 seconds before any results were shown. The other tools on this list were able to provide a score in less than 10 seconds.

Frequently asked questions

What is an AI content detector?

An AI content detector is a tool that analyzes content to determine whether it’s authentic or AI-generated, and to what extent. It does this by analyzing large volumes of content and then reverses engineering the language patterns to predict the next word in a sentence. The more likely it can predict the next work the more likely the piece is AI-generated. Some AI content detectors are more advanced than others, however, the primary duty is to identify AI-written.

Should I use an AI content detector?

In today's day and age with technology like GPT4 becoming “mainstream” it’s important to have an AI content detector in your toolbox. The first main user of these tools are academics that want to check their work or the work of others. The next type of use could be a writer, blogger, and content marketer that wants to check their own work and the work of others such as a freelancer. If you fit into any of these categories then I highly suggest using an AI content detector. 

If you need to do this at scale then try a tool like Content At Scale. 

What is the best AI content detector?

Based on the output, most of them are similar and can detect when writing is AI-generated. However, some tools shine more than others since they provide deeper insights like which type of AI program to run it through, the predictability score, the pattern recognition score, etc. My choice would be Content At Scale since it shows robotic, predictability, probability, and pattern scores.  

How accurate are AI content detectors?

The accuracy will depend on the type of tool you’re using. Some have been trained on better data sets, whilst others have very strict rules that flag the smallest piece of AI-generated content. Testing each tool against a piece of content you’ve written is the best way to find out how accurate the output is.

Based on the experiment above with the ChatGPT output, all of the tools correctly identified that it was not an original piece but rather AI-generated text.


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Want to receive a FREE video audit breaking all the ways I can increase revenue for your business? 

✅ Low-hanging fruit

✅ Proven strategies

✅ Competitor analysis

Actionable tips