The Simple Guide to Profitable B2B Email Marketing in 2024

email marketing for b2b

Ever heard the phrase “build once, sell twice”? Well, email marketing is one of the few ways you can build once and sell twice.  It’s especially important for B2B companies since there are longer sales process, increasing competition, multiple customer segments, different buyer persons and more decision-makers required to approve something new.  In addition to […]

The 11 Best Email Newsletter Platforms for 2024 – Expert Reviews

best email newsletter platforms

Best email newsletter platform summary Here’s the TL;DR When I think of email newsletters I think of The Hustle, Morning Brew, and of course, Ticker Nerd, my very own email newsletter.  Over the years, email newsletters have become one of the most lucrative businesses to start. There’s a proven playbook for starting, growing, and scaling […]

11 SEO newsletters for best practices, strategies, and google updates

seo newsletter

When it comes to SEO, staying updated on best practices, new tactics, and google updates is critical. You want to know what to expect when to expect it, and how to take full advantage.  The easiest way to make sure you’re well-informed is by subscribing to an SEO newsletter.  However, the challenge is finding ones […]

15 Best Copywriting Newsletters To Subscribe To In 2023

best copywriting newsletters

You’re probably here because you want to improve your copywriting skills. Or maybe you want new ideas. Either way, I can help you. An excellent copywriting newsletter isn’t easy to find. Everyone is spinning out a new substack these days and advertising them in long-winded Twitter threads. So I’ve curated a list of the best […]