7 High Quality Planners & Journals for Entrepreneurs in 2023

personal planners for business owners

Life is chaotic as an entrepreneur.   You need to make sure sales are rolling in, your clients are happy, recruiters aren’t poaching your staff, and the market doesn’t completely wipe out your business. It can be stressful. And it doesn’t stop. I know this because I’ve had the pleasure of bootstrapping a profitable startup that […]

The 9 Best Journals For Men Who Want To Win In Life (updated for 2023)

best journals for men

Journaling is one of the few practices proven to improve your life dramatically.  So it’s no surprise that men want to pick up the habit. Whether you’re trying to achieve a goal, reduce your blood pressure, or even improve your immune system, journaling will help. I’ve explored many different journals and journaling practices throughout my […]