How to start a successful email newsletter (a beginners guide)

how to start an email newsletter

Today, we’re jumping headfirst into the world of email newsletters. Back in 2021, I co-founded a little venture called Ticker Nerd, a premium investment newsletter.  It was an exciting journey, with our newsletter built entirely on email marketing, from customer acquisition to feedback collection.  The result?  A profitable startup that we sold to a FinTech […]

14 best self help books for men on their quest to become great

best self help books for men

Trying to take control of your life and achieve the highest levels of success? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, I’m going to introduce to you the best self-help books for men to read at least once in their life. Hopefully twice.  Whether you want to improve your health, […]

How to write a sales page that makes readers open their wallets

how to write a sales page in six steps

A sales page is the closest thing you’ll find to a money tree.  They suck readers in, present a compelling offer, and handle all doubts associated to make the reader open their wallet. In this article, I’m going to review what a sales page is, what makes them successful, how to write a sales page, […]

The 14 best accessories for men to buy in 2024

best mens accessories

Accessories for men are a critical component of their style. They can accentuate a man beyond his wildest dreams and help him become a truly unique character.  Think of Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling, or even Israel Adesanya.  They always have a subtle or gleaming accessory that gives them a distinct image. It might be a […]

11 Best Enterprise SEO Tools & Software To Help You Scale In 2024

best enterprise seo tools and software

The term “enterprise” is often thrown around in the SEO space.  It’s easy to get confused about what enterprises are and why they need their own product suite. We often refer to enterprise businesses as large companies, usually employing hundreds or thousands of people. Their website might generate millions of visitors monthly and drive substantial […]

12 best copywriting books to read if you want results in 2024

best copywriting books

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Top-rated books are worth their weight in gold. You can literally learn everything from the best copywriters for less than $30. But then again, you probably know this since you’re here.  So kudos to you! I’ve come across many influential copywriters in my journey. Writers like […]

16 best copywriting blogs and websites to read if you want to learn more in 2024

best copywriting blogs and websites

What I love about copywriting is that you can get the job done in many different ways. One copywriter might swear by applying the AIDA framework and another might suggest the slippery slope method. The reality is, both methods could still work. And on top of this, testing different methods is how you truly know […]

Copywriting 101: Guides, Resources, and Tools (updated for 2024)

copywriting 101

Copywriting is my favorite part of marketing.  And I’ve tried it all.  From Facebook ads to branding and even growth hacking. I don’t enjoy any of it the way I enjoy copywriting.  In my experience, copywriting is one part art and one part science. It’s an art to deeply understand who you’re speaking to and […]

8 best white label SEO tools for reporting, tracking, and research

best white label seo tools

Whether you’re a freelancer or you run a digital marketing agency, you know the headache that comes with client communication.  The wasted hours spent editing, exporting, updating, and tediously aligning everything so the client can understand the report they’re reading. It doesn’t end here, though. The client wants consistent progress updates, which aren’t always easy […]

9 best keyword clustering and grouping tools to try in 2024

best keyword clustering tools

With every core update, Google gets smarter.  So it’s key for SEOs to stay on top of best practices. This includes their keyword clusters and content silos.  Keyword grouping tools will save you loads of time, help you write relevant content, and attract more traffic. Ever since I’ve leveraged keyword clustering tools I’ve found that […]