How to find your first 100 customers: An actionable guide for bootstrapped founders

first 100 customers

Introduction If you’re a bootstrapped founder looking for your first 100 customers then this guide is for you! Finding customers can feel like an uphill battle, especially without paid advertising.This guide will show you the exact steps to make it happen. But first, I’ve made two basic assumptions: I will break down each strategy with […]

How to start a simple giveaway businesses

giveaway business

What exactly is a giveaway business? As the name suggests these giveaway businesses host enticing raffles. Often, donating a small portion of the funds to a charity.  It’s simple to enter. You purchase as many entries as you want via a website.  In this guide, I’ll be focussing on the car niche. Firstly, I love […]

11 places to find internet businesses for sale

businesses for sale

Below is a list of 11 marketplaces to buy and sell internet businesses. Each listing has an assigned rating based upon the accuracy of business listings, ease of sale/purchase, and trust factors. Indie Maker Rating: 7/10 This is for buying and selling side-projects, domains, and social media accounts. This is suitable for first-timers.  There are […]

How to organically validate your SaaS or micro-SaaS idea before you build it

Gumroad Validation

This is a simple guide on how to come up with a saas or micro saas idea and organically validate it quickly (i.e. get customers to pay you for it).  The difference between saas and micro saas is the niche size. Micro saas businesses target a super small niche community or problem space. Some examples […]