How To Apply The Before After Bridge (BAB) Copywriting Formula

before after bridge copywriting formula

Copywriting formulas make our life easier and our work better. The same way software engineers reuse good code, we copywriters can reference winning formulas to produce high quality work.  Build-After-Bridge also known as “BAB” is one of these winning formulas. In this article, I’ll explain what it means, and when to use it, I’ll share […]

The PAS Copywriting Formula Simply Explained (With Real Examples)

PAS Copywriting Formula

If you’re new to copywriting you might be wondering what the problem-agitate-solution (PAS) copywriting formula is all about. You might also know it as the pain-agitate-solve formula. However, it doesn’t matter which one you use, they’re both the same. Since it’s one of the more straightforward formulas you could apply to your copy it’s worth […]

The AIDCA Copywriting Method Explained

AIDCA Formula

The AIDCA copywriting method is one of the best formulas for building high-performing sales copy. Whilst it’s not a formally recognized method, selling online has forced copywriters to find ways to build trust.  If you want epic results with your landing pages, emails, ads, or direct mail (if you’re old school) you need to apply […]

How To Apply The AIDA Copywriting Formula For Epic Results

AIDA Formula Diagram

Every copywriter knows the AIDA copywriting method. It’s the bread and butter of writing copy that sells. In this article, I’ll give you context on what it is, when to use it, how to apply it properly, and when to use the “AIDCA” model instead for better results.  AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and […]