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Content that attracts and converts more customers.

Hi, I’m Luc! I help companies attract and convert high-quality traffic through SEO content writing. Whether you’re a small business, a SAAS tool, or an eCommerce company a highly optimized content strategy can help you generate sales on autopilot.

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Here’s what content can do for your business

With a well-structured content strategy you can attract and convert customers ..

With a well-structured content strategy you can attract and convert customers 

With a well-structured content strategy you can attract and convert customers 

Businesses that invest in a blog experience 126% higher lead growth than businesses without a blog.

Is the investment into content worth it?

Without an optimized blog

❌ Wasted resources on content that will never result in customers

❌ High acquisition cost through reliance on other channels

❌ Always playing “catch up” with your competitors

with an optimized blog

✅ New customers on autopilot

✅ Lower customer acquisition costs

✅ Increased trust and authority in your niche

Frequent Asked Questions

Great question!

Firstly, not all businesses will benefit from my services. Which means not everyone qualifies for a free audit.

If you qualify I’ll put together a mind map in Miro showcasing all the opportunities. This includes referencing some of your competitors and other high performing brands that are crushing it.

My experience is based on results not the number of years I’ve been a copywriter. I’ve acquired, scaled and sold my own digital businesses. 

Here’s some proof: How two non-technical founders built and sold a newsletter business in less than a year

Still not convinced? 

Read this: How to find business ideas and validate them quickly with Reddit (and other tools)


I strongly suggest reading these two articles before you contact me:


If you’re still unsure about how I can help your business feel free to reach out.

This depends on the business.

Do you run a law firm? If yes, then no copywriting probably won’t make you much money.

Do you run a direct-to-consumer or business-to-business software company? Then yes, I’ll be able to increase the visitors to your site and convert more of them into paying customers.

Here are the types of businesses I love working with:

  • eCommerce Brands
  • SAAS Companies
  • Course Businesses
  • Niche Content Sites (especially if you’re not leveraging email)