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Hi, I’m Luc! I help companies attract and convert high-quality traffic through SEO content writing. Whether you’re a small business, a SAAS tool or an eCommerce company a highly optimized content strategy can help you generate sales on autopilot.


As Featured In

As Featured In

Is the investment worth it?

Without an optimized blog

With an optimized blog

Businesses that invest in a blog experience 126% higher lead growth than businesses without a blog.

seo content blog growth

According to Hubspot, businesses that invest in blogging see an exponentially higher number of leads.

So what does this mean for you?

It means you can continue to grow your business organically without having to rely on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, expensive affiliates, cold calls, or cold email outreach. 

A blog with SEO-optimized content is worth its weight in gold. 

But this only solves one part of the problem. You also need to consider:

  1. How to actually rank in google
  2. The intent of the content you produce
  3. How to convert readers into customers


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seo content blog growth
Results from 1 blog post a week for 8 months

Here’s what content can do for your business

Generate sales on autopilot

The whole purpose of investing in a blog is to build a well oiled growth channel. My only goal is to ensure your business generates revenue from the blog.

Significantly reduce acquisition costs

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google are getting competitive. They're also getting expensive. The best way to lower your acquisition cost is invest in evergreen content.

Build trust with your customers

Publishing good content will make you money.  It'll also position your brand as the thought leader. Customers will have more trust in what you're selling when they see your expert pieces of content. 

The 5 Step Process


Some businesses aren't a good fit. It might be a cash-burning exercise to build a blog in your niche. This is where we save each other the heartbreak and make sure we're upfront about expectations and results.


This is where we workshop ideas, conduct keyword research, competitor research, and customer research, and look for opportunities. You can expect a proposal at this point.


It's time to get a little deeper. I'll build a content strategy that articulates exactly how to capitalize on the opportunity. You'll be onboarded and a project plan is developed.


This is where I start executing the strategy. I'll get deep in the weeds to produce the very best content for your blog. You can expect to leverage each blog to produce other pieces of content for social media.


It's time to analyze the data. This is where I'll dig into google analytics, search console, run surveys, and fine-tune the strategy. I'll also make sure the path to monetization is clear.

Let's Get Started👇

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Frequent Asked Questions

Great question!

Firstly, not all businesses will benefit from my services. Which means not everyone qualifies for a free audit.

If you qualify I'll put together a mind map in Miro showcasing all the opportunities. This includes referencing some of your competitors and other high performing brands that are crushing it. My goal is to prove that your brand can crush it by investing in sea content services. 

My experience is based on results not the number of years I've been a writer. I've acquired, scaled and sold my own digital businesses. I’ve even built this site from scratch. 

Here's some proof: How two non-technical founders built and sold a newsletter business in less than a year

Still not convinced? 

Read this: How to find business ideas and validate them quickly with Reddit (and other tools)

Or this: PAS Copywriting Formula Explained [With Real Examples]


If it’s your first time investing in SEO content writing (i.e. a blog) for your business then it can be a bit daunting. 

You’re not sure whether it’s the right move, or if you’ll see any return on your investment. 

The best thing to do is book a free audit so I can prove to you how lucrative it can be for your business. 

Alternatively, send me an email:


No, I'm serious. 

If you qualify I'll charge you $0 and work towards generating an ROI from every piece I write. This means zero risk for you and I only get paid on content that performs. 

In simple terms – I work on an affiliate commission model. 95% of the revenue you generate from SEO will come from 5% of your content. It's my job to know which content this is ahead of time and make sure you rank as soon as possible for it. Feel free to reach out and learn more.

This depends on the business.

Do you run an eCommerce site in the pet niche? Then no. It’s very unlikely I can help you. The competition is very high and your investment would need to be huge. 

Do you run a direct-to-consumer or business-to-business software company? Then yes, I'll be able to increase the visitors to your site and convert more of them into paying customers.

Here are the types of businesses I love working with:

  • eCommerce brands that aren’t in super competitive niches 
  • SAAS companies
  • Course businesses
  • Service businesses