10 best SEO content writing services to try in 2024

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According to Hubspot, businesses that invest in a blog see 126% more lead growth. 

So it’s a no-brainer to invest in SEO content writing services and leverage them for customer acquisition. However, you might be wondering which agencies or freelancers offer these services, and who is the best at it.

You could always try platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, although, the quality of content isn’t going to be great and you’ll need to spend a lot of time vetting your writers. The risk-to-reward ratio isn’t great.

In this article, I’ll review the top SEO content writing services so that you can cut to the chase and immediately grow your blog.

1. Luciano Viterale

luciano viterale seo content writing services

Luciano is one of the few SEO content writers with real experience buying, building, and selling his own internet businesses. He’s been featured on high-profile sites like Zapier, Starter Story, Finder, and They Got Acquired. He specializes in helping eCommerce and SaaS companies attract and convert high-quality traffic. His core services are copywriting, SEO content writing, and email marketing. Some of his clients include Ticker Nerd, Wealthlab, and MyBond.

One key difference that separates Luciano from other writers is his research process. Whether it’s through keyword research, gap analysis, SERP analysis, or competitor research he’s able to extract key insights that form a successful strategy.

If you’re interested in working with Luciano you can book a free audit here (it takes less than two minutes).

2. Compose.ly

composely content

Compose.ly is a self-service content marketplace that also offers a managed content service. You can leverage compose.ly to find your own writers by creating briefs and assigning them work. Although, if you prefer to be more hands-off you can engage the team's managed content service and let the experts handle everything for you. Compose.ly’s clients are impressive, they include Mailchimp, WebMB, and Calendly.

Compose.ly is suited for businesses that have already conducted keyword research and competitor analysis. If you’re interested in working with the team you can request a sample of work via their site.

3. WebFX

webfx seo content

WebFx is a full-scale Meta and Google-certified agency that offers six core service plans. They mainly specialize in copywriting, SEO content writing, and content refreshes. Unlike most other agencies they operate on a standardized tiered plan model. The basic plan starts at $1,800 a month for three content assets and basic project management.

If you have a clear set of requirements and prefer to work with a large media agency then WebFX is for you. You can simply choose the service that suits you, submit a brief, and pay for the work.

4. Scribly

scribly content

Scribly is an SEO content marketing agency that can service almost any business type and content requirement. One great thing that separates Scribly from other SEO content writing services is the initial goal-setting exercise. Scribly assigns your business a Project Manager to help define your goals and execute keyword research to make sure you can achieve the best results. They’ve worked with clients like Pleo, UB Partner, and DB&MH.

Their packages start from $599/mo through to $4,300/mo depending on your content requirements. If you have any questions you can simply reach out via their chatbot for a quick response.

5. Crowd Content 

crowd content

Crowd Content is similar to Compose.ly, they host a content marketplace of over 2,000 pre-screened writers along with an optional managed service. Whether you’re an agency, eCommerce store, publisher, or brand, Crowd Content can fulfill your requirements. Their approach to quality separates them from other content marketplaces, they have a rigorous application process where only 15% of new writers pass. 

If you’re looking for a content marketplace with the highest quality writers then Crowd Content could be for you. However, you will need to request a quote since they do not offer standard pricing plans. 

6. Writer Access

writer access

Writer Access is a tool that connects businesses with high-quality writers. It also handles the whole content creation process. Whether you’re an agency or a small business you can benefit from their services. The good news is that you can also get access to 15,000 content writers and up to 500 editors. 

I’ve personally used Writer Access to produce blog articles and the quality I’ve received has been great. I recommend this for anyone who requires a lot of content each month or prefers to use a larger company with a well-oiled process. You can sign up for a trial or reach out to one of the reps for a demo. 

7. Brafton


Brafton is a content marketing agency that has a particular focus on storytelling. This agency leans more on the creative side and can help your brand cut through the noise. When it comes to SEO content writing it’s very easy to lose your brand's voice, Brafton ensures this doesn’t happen. One key service that separates Brafton from the others is technical SEO. No other content marketplace or managed solution seems to offer this since it’s highly technical, specialized, and not scalable.

If your goal is to start ranking and monetizing your traffic I suggest contacting Brafton for a quote. They’re a very capable SEO & content marketing agency that can also make sure you’re website fundamentals are correct. 

8. Contentwriters.com


Contentwriters.com is another self-service content platform that offers a manager service. One key separator is the clients that use the platform. IHerb, Expedia, CBS Interaction, and Legal Zoom are all clients, this is a clear testament to the quality of the writers. Contentwriters.com also has a 100% money-back guarantee which isn’t common among its competitors. 

If you’re looking for a low-risk way of exploring a marketplace or a managed service then contentwriters.com is worth it. You can simply create a free account or reach out to the team via the contact form. 

9. Thrive Agency

thrive agency content marketing

Thrive Agency is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Arlington, Texas. The team specializes in SEO content writing services which makes them a great candidate. One key separator of Thrive Agency is the reviews they boast. They have hundreds of reviews on multiple platforms including Google, Clutch, and UpCity.

If you’re interested in working with an award-winning SEO content writing agency then you should reach out to the team at Thrive. 

10. Writing Studio 

writing studio

Writing Studio was founded by Philip Ghezelbash, who is an expert in SEO and content. The team leverage over 80 expert writers and 15 editors to meet your content needs. Whilst they’re more on the boutique side they’ve worked with impressive clients such as LeafWell, Banks.com, Balancer, and Deel.

Their pricing is fairly simple. For 1-10k words it costs $0.20 per word, this gets as cheap as $0.15 per word as you order more content. If you’re interested in working with Writing Studio you can reach out and request a sample. 

Final thoughts

SEO content writing services are one of the more important services to research before you get started. Unlike paid ads or design work, you can’t immediately see a return on your investment. Content takes a long time to rank and drive meaningful revenue. Therefore, it’s important to choose a service that can meet your requirements from day one. 

Working with larger companies or managed solutions are great if you already have a clear understanding of what you need to produce. If you’re not sure of the strategy you require to be successful, then it could be beneficial to work with a smaller agency or freelancer to help conduct the research and provide the content strategy. 


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Want to receive a FREE video audit breaking all the ways I can increase revenue for your business? 

✅ Low-hanging fruit

✅ Proven strategies

✅ Competitor analysis

Actionable tips