The 27 Best Podcasts For Men Who Want To Win in 2023

best podcasts for men

I’m sharing something personal today gentleman, something that’s been an integral part of my daily routine and self-growth journey. 


They’ve been my loyal companions during long commutes, walks, workouts, and even while I enjoy my morning coffee. 

I believe in their power to influence, educate, and even change lives, so I’ve curated a list of the best podcasts I think every man should listen to. 

1. The Tim Ferris Show

Let’s kick things off with a heavyweight in the podcasting arena: The Tim Ferris Show. This gem was launched back in 2014 by none other than Tim Ferris himself. You may know him as the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, a book that took the world by storm, and personally changed the way I approached work forever. Ferris, a Princeton graduate, angel investor, and self-experimenter, decided to take his ideas to the airwaves, and boy, has he done just that.

The Tim Ferris Show is packed with inspiration, knowledge, and practical wisdom. It’s all about deconstructing world-class performers from eclectic areas and digging deep into their habits, routines, and mindsets. Whether it’s sports, business, art, or even military strategy, Ferris leaves no stone unturned. Guys, this podcast is an absolute goldmine. It’s like having a personal masterclass with a range of brilliant minds, helping you hack your way to a better, more productive life.

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts

2. The Unplugged Alpha

Next up, we’ve got The Unplugged Alpha. Launched in 2020 by Richard Cooper, an entrepreneur who’s been there, done that, and isn’t shy to tell it like it is. If you’ve read any of my other articles you might already know that I’m a big fan of his book The Unplugged Alpha. Cooper’s no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air in a world that often sugarcoats reality. He’s tough, he’s direct, and he’s got some real-life wisdom to share.

The Unplugged Alpha is a podcast dedicated to helping men become the best versions of themselves. It’s about embracing masculinity, understanding female nature, improving financial success, and achieving personal freedom. Fellas, if you’re looking for a podcast that cuts through the BS and provides actionable advice for personal and professional growth, this one’s for you.

Genre: Society & Culture

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud

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3. The Knowledge Project 

Roll up your sleeves for The Knowledge Project, a podcast curated by Shane Parrish, a former cybersecurity expert at Canada’s top intelligence agency and the creator of Farnam Street. Shane started this podcast in 2016, and since then, it’s been an intellectual feast for those hungry for knowledge. If you’ve read any of their blog posts, then you’ll know how much effort they put into the content. 

The Knowledge Project takes you on a deep dive into the minds of remarkable people, extracting insights about decision-making, leadership, and success. It’s about understanding how the world works, and trust me, this is not your average chit-chat. The conversations here are profound, thought-provoking, and incredibly enriching. If you want to level up your cognitive abilities and think like the best, this one’s a must-listen. 

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

4. Fresh and Fit Podcast

Are you ready for a dose of reality? Because that’s what the Fresh and Fit Podcast brings to the table. Launched in 2020 by Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes, two fitness and lifestyle coaches based in Miami, this podcast serves the truth raw and unfiltered. I must warn you though, it’s not for the easily offended or politically correct. 

Fresh and Fit isn’t just about fitness. It’s about understanding the dynamics of modern dating, building financial confidence, and developing a winning mindset. It’s a wake-up call for men who’ve been sleepwalking through life, pushing you to face reality and step up your game. This podcast is a kick in the butt to get your life on track. It’s tough love served on a platter, and it’s exactly what you need to stop making excuses and start taking action. 

Genre: Business

Listen here: YouTube, Rumble

5. My First Million

My First Million is one of my all-time favorites. Sam Parr, the founder of The Hustle, a business and tech news site, joined forces with Shaan Puri, who was the CEO of Bebo, founder of an eCommerce business, and co-founder of Milk Road. Together, they bring a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and the startup world. I’ve followed Sam Parr and Shaan Puri through their journey as entrepreneurs and I’ve learned tonnes!  

This podcast is all about brainstorming business ideas that can help listeners make their first million. But don’t let the name deceive you, there have been many billionaire guests. Each episode is packed with new concepts, strategies, and experiences from successful entrepreneurs who have made it big. For any man aspiring to take the entrepreneurial plunge or simply learn more about the business world, “My First Million” offers a diverse set of insights and ideas that can help shape your future success.

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts

6. Performance Podcast 

Strap yourself in for Performance Podcast with Nick Bare, presented by Nick Bare himself, a former Army Ranger, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. This podcast launched in 2019, and it’s been a beacon of motivation and determination ever since.

Performance Podcast is about pushing your limits, physically and mentally. Nick Bare shares his experiences, insights, and interviews with top performers in various fields. This podcast is a shout out to all men looking to challenge themselves and become the strongest version possible. It’s about discipline, perseverance, and resilience. Guys, if you’re ready to level up your performance game, tune in to Nick Bare.

Genre: Health & Fitness

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts

7. The Game

Next in line is The Game by Alex Hormozi, who started this podcast in 2021. Alex, an ultra-successful entrepreneur and business coach, brings his wealth of experience to the table, providing listeners with valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship. Not to mention he’s also jacked!

The Game is all about mastering the art of business. It’s about understanding the strategies, mindset, and techniques necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. Men, if you’re considering starting your own business or already have one, The Game is your playbook. It’s real, practical, and applicable wisdom that will give you an edge in the business world.

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts

8. Founders

Founders, which launched in 2017, is a uniquely refreshing podcast brought to you by David Senra. David is a self-professed lover of history and biographies, and his passion shines through in every episode of this podcast. He seems to remember obscure quotes from books (and sometimes even pages) to help give us the best context of each founder. 

Founders is essentially a deep dive into the lives of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, innovators, and business tycoons. It’s a look at their successes, failures, and the lessons they learned along the way. Fellas, this podcast is your time machine, taking you back to learn from the best in business. If you want to stand on the shoulders of giants, Founders should be on your playlist. Especially if you don’t want to waste time reading each book. 

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, Simplecast, Apple Podcasts

9. The Unapologetic Man

Mark Sing launched this podcast in 2018, and it’s all about developing the alpha male mindset. Mark, a self-improvement coach and an expert in neuro-linguistic programming, aims to help men become more confident and assertive. Without becoming complete idiots. 

In The Unapologetic Man, Mark discusses how men can improve their relationships, dating life, and overall confidence. As the name suggests, it’s about being unapologetically masculine and standing tall in your own shoes. Men, if you’re looking to boost your self-esteem and become more attractive to the opposite sex, The Unapologetic Man is the podcast for you. Be warned, you might need to change things up a bit if you want to achieve success with this. 

Genre: Health & Fitness

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

10. The Frankie Lee Podcast

Frankie Lee, a life coach, and entrepreneur, launched his podcast in 2020. It’s now a platform where he shares his insights into personal growth and success. Frankie is known for his candid, humorous, and often philosophical take on life. My favorite episode is with Aussie millionaire, Adrian Potelli (you can read about his business here).  

In the podcast, Frankie discusses a range of topics, including mindset, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. He brings on guests who have achieved great things and lived interesting lives to share their wisdom. This podcast is an excellent resource for men who want to develop a well-rounded, successful life. It’s about real talk, real growth, and real success.

Genre: Education

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts

11. Huberman Lab

Huberman Lab, started in 2021 by Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist and tenured professor at Stanford University, is a fascinating journey into the human mind and body. Huberman’s understanding of neuroscience and his ability to simplify complex concepts makes this podcast a unique learning experience. I often find myself spending hours learning about the human body and its condition. I particularly enjoyed the episode on nasal breathing and its effect on the body and even the jaw, you can read about that here

Huberman Lab focuses on how our brain and bodywork, offering insights into improving mental and physical health, sleep, learning, and more. Men, this podcast is your user manual for the human body. If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your mind and body, the Huberman Lab is your key.

Genre: Health & Fitness

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

12. The Joe Rogan Experience

This is a long-standing, wildly popular podcast run by comedian, UFC commentator, and TV host, Joe Rogan. Since its inception in 2009, the podcast (and podcasting in general!) has grown into one of the most listened-to shows across the globe, drawing millions of listeners with each episode. Rogan’s background in stand-up comedy, martial arts, and commentary infuses the show with a unique blend of humor, insight, and no-nonsense conversations.

Rogan’s podcast spans an incredibly wide array of topics, from politics to culture, science, philosophy, and beyond. Guests range from celebrities, academics, and entrepreneurs to athletes, comedians, and everything in between. For men seeking a diverse, thought-provoking, and often entertaining source of insights, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is a must-listen. Rogan’s ability to engage his guests in deep, meaningful conversations delivers a wealth of perspectives and wisdom to his listeners.

Genre: Health & Fitness

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Website

13. Lex Fridman Podcast

Buckle up for the Lex Fridman Podcast, a podcast launched in 2019 by Lex Fridman, a research scientist at MIT known for his work in artificial intelligence. Lex brings his intellectual curiosity and broad interests to this podcast, offering deep, philosophical, and thought-provoking discussions.

The Lex Fridman Podcast is a deep dive into the minds of the world’s most interesting people. From scientists to philosophers, from artists to entrepreneurs, Lex probes deep into their thoughts, ideas, and views. Men, if you’re looking for intellectual stimulation and profound conversations, this podcast should be on your radar.

Genre: Technology

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Website

14. Valuetainment

Next on the list is Valuetainment, a podcast run by Patrick Bet-David. Patrick, an entrepreneur, author, and CEO of PHP Agency, brings his business acumen and passion for education to this podcast. I’m a major fan of Patrick Bet-David and his approach to business, there are loads we can learn from his experiences. 

Valuetainment is all about providing value through entertainment – hence the name. It features the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, economics, and personal development. For men looking to get educated and entertained at the same time, Valuetainment is your ticket.

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Website

15. The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show, helmed by Dave Ramsey since 1992, is a beacon of financial wisdom. Dave, an author, speaker, and personal finance guru uses his platform to help people gain control over their finances. Listeners often call in asking for frank advice on their financial situation, more often than not you’ll be able to resonate with those that are calling, or at least be motivated to improve. 

The Ramsey Show is all about practical financial advice. It’s about getting out of debt, investing wisely, and building wealth. Fellas, if you’re looking to take control of your financial future, The Ramsey Show is a goldmine of knowledge.

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Website

16. The Ben Shapiro Show

Let’s move on to The Ben Shapiro Show, a podcast that started in 2015, hosted by Ben Shapiro, a renowned political commentator, author, and lawyer. Shapiro is known for his articulate and often controversial takes on politics and culture.

The Ben Shapiro Show offers a deep dive into politics, law, and culture. It’s about understanding the world from a conservative viewpoint. If you’re looking for a podcast that offers intelligent, thoughtful, and provocative political commentary, The Ben Shapiro Show is for you.

Genre: News

Listen here: YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud

17. The Jordan Peterson Show

The Jordan B. Peterson is a renowned psychologist and professor. Peterson is known for his thought-provoking insights into psychology, philosophy, and the human condition. Some of his episodes have helped me understand myself and improve my bad habits. 

The Jordan B. Peterson Show is a deep dive into the human mind’s and society’s complexities. It’s about understanding the world, ourselves, and our place in it. Men, if you’re looking for profound insights into life and the human condition, this podcast is a must-listen.

Genre: Education

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Website

18. The Diary of a CEO

The Diary of a CEO, a podcast run by Steven Bartlett since 2018, is a no-holds-barred journey into the life and mind of a young CEO. Bartlett, who co-founded the social media agency Social Chain at 22, shares his insights, experiences, and lessons learned in this raw and unfiltered podcast.

The Diary of a CEO is all about the realities of entrepreneurship. It’s about understanding the highs, lows, challenges, and rewards of running a business. It’s a great option for men looking for a candid, insightful, and inspiring look into the world of entrepreneurship. The Diary of a CEO is your backstage pass.

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Website

19. The $100MBA Show

The $100MBA Show, started in 2014 by Omar Zenhom, is a daily podcast that provides actionable business lessons. Omar, an entrepreneur and business coach, brings his wealth of experience and practical teaching style to this podcast.

The $100MBA Show is about learning the nuts and bolts of running a successful business. This podcast covers everything from marketing to customer service, finance to human resources. I highly recommend this to men looking to brush up on their business knowledge without breaking the bank. 

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Website, Google Podcasts

20. Straight Talk with Mark Bouris

Straight Talk with Mark Bouris was launched in 2016 and is a podcast where Mark Bouris, an entrepreneur and businessman known for his no-nonsense approach, shares his insights into business and life. Bouris, who’s been at the helm of several successful businesses, brings his practical wisdom to this podcast.

Straight Talk is about getting to the heart of the matter. It’s about understanding business, entrepreneurship, and personal development without the fluff. Men, if you’re looking for practical advice from someone who’s been there and done that, Straight Talk with Mark Bouris is the podcast for you. 

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts

21. More Plates More Dates

More Plates More Dates was started in 2019 by Derek who is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur. He is all about optimizing physical performance and appearance. Derek shares his insights into fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle in this podcast. He’s also very controversial and shares the secrets behind media figures that are using performance-enhancing drugs. 

More Plates More Dates is about understanding the science behind fitness and nutrition. It’s about learning how to build muscle, lose fat, and optimize your health. More Plates More Dates has been my go-to resource for many years, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take bodybuilding seriously. 

Genre: Health & Fitness

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Website

22. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty, a former monk and motivational speaker, shares his wisdom on living a purposeful life. Shetty is known for his ability to blend ancient wisdom with modern insights. The podcast was launched in 2019 and has been ultra-successful since. 

On Purpose is all about living a life of purpose and fulfillment. It’s about understanding the deeper aspects of life, relationships, and success. For men looking to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life, On Purpose with Jay Shetty is a must-listen.

Genre: Health & Fitness

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Website

23. The Doctor’s Pharmacy

I first found this podcast on Instagram after following Dr. Hyman’s advice on diet. He’s a practicing family physician and an expert in functional medicine. The podcast is a deep dive into the world of health and wellness. Dr. Hyman brings his wealth of medical knowledge to this podcast, providing listeners with valuable health insights.

The Doctor’s Pharmacy is all about understanding the body, health, and wellness. It’s about learning how to prevent and reverse disease, optimize health, and live a vibrant life. If you feel lost when it comes to your health and wellness, The Doctor’s Pharmacy is your prescription.

Genre: Health & Fitness

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Website

24. Sol Brah’s Solcast 

SolBrah’s Podcast started in 2020, and is a platform where SolBrah, an online fitness coach and lifestyle influencer, shares his wisdom on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. SolBrah is known for his pragmatic approach and his commitment to helping others achieve their fitness goals. I’ve also never seen his face, it’s always covered which makes his podcast even more interesting. 

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including workout routines, diet plans, and mental health. It’s about understanding how to balance fitness with other aspects of life. Men, if you’re looking for practical fitness advice from someone who walks the talk, SolBrah’s Podcast is a great resource.

Genre: Health & Fitness

Listen here: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Website

25. Nudge

Nudge is a podcast that started in 2021, hosted by the seasoned entrepreneur John Nosta, a leading voice in the convergence of technology and health. It’s another podcast part of the Hubspot Podcast Network. John brings his deep understanding of digital health and his knack for simplifying complex topics to this podcast.

This particular podcast covers the intersection of health, technology, and human behavior. It explores how digital health tools can help us make better health decisions and improve our lives. For those interested in staying at the cutting edge of health technology and understanding how to leverage it, Nudge is a must-listen.

Genre: Business

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts

26. Stuff You Should Know

“Stuff You Should Know” is a fascinating and wildly popular podcast hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, writers with the educational website HowStuffWorks. Since its launch in 2008, the duo has been engaging listeners with their friendly and humorous banter, making complex topics understandable and entertaining. Whilst this is at the end of the list, make no mistake, it’s highly engaging and practical. 

The due cover a wide range of topics, from history and science to pop culture and obscure phenomena. The hosts have an uncanny ability to dissect complicated subjects and explain them in a way that anyone can understand. Men, in particular, will find value in the broad spectrum of knowledge presented, as it provides countless opportunities for personal growth and learning. Whether you want to delve into the mysteries of the universe, understand the inner workings of the economy, or simply learn about fascinating trivia, “Stuff You Should Know” is a podcast that every man should consider adding to his playlist.

Genre: Society & Culture

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts

27. All-In 

“All-In Podcast” is a riveting and insightful show, hosted by a powerful quartet of Silicon Valley’s most influential figures – Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks, and David Friedberg. The podcast debuted in 2020 and rapidly gained a loyal following for its raw, unfiltered discussions on various topics, primarily focusing on the intersection of technology, business, politics, and society.

The All-In Podcast is full of wisdom and insider knowledge about entrepreneurship, investing, and the future of technology. The hosts share their unique perspectives, experiences, and predictions in engaging and thought-provoking discussions. They often dive deep into contemporary issues, offering men a chance to learn from some of the most successful minds in the tech and business world. I’ve even found some of their predictions to be wildly accurate, including the advancements in AI. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or simply someone interested in the current state and future of technology and society, “All-In Podcast” is an invaluable resource that can equip you with the insights and knowledge to navigate the rapidly evolving world.

Genre: Society & Culture

Listen here: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Website

Closing remarks

So, there you have it, gentlemen, my favorite podcasts I think every man should listen to. Each offers unique insights and can help you in your journey of self-improvement, business acumen, health, or simply understanding the world better. 

Remember, the power of podcasts lies in their flexibility — you can listen and learn whenever and wherever suits you. 

Choose the ones that resonate most with your interests and goals, and happy listening!

Until next time, stay curious, stay hungry.

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  4. Brain FM Subscription – I listen to this every time I’m in deep work. It really helps.
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