Trend Rocket review 2024: Can it find a winning product?

trend rocket review

I’m always looking for a new side hustle. 

And eCommerce has been something on my radar for some time now.

But the first step is to find a winning product to sell.

Finding the right product in an unsaturated niche with good margins can lead to millions of dollars in sales. This isn’t a new idea, it’s the same with any business.

So during the research phase, I came across a product called Trend Rocket. It’s a product research tool that makes it easy to discover products, brands, and trending Facebook ads.

What piqued my interest was that it was founded by eCommerce entrepreneur Davie Fogarty. He is the founder of The Oodie, The Calming Blanket, and other eCommerce stores which have done a combined $500m in Shopify sales over the past 4 years.

So in this review, I’ll deep dive into the platform and share the features I like most, the pricing, my thoughts, and who I think Trend Rocket is best suited for.

The Trend Rocket TL;DR

Trend Rocket Homepage
Trend Rocket Homepage

I know time is of the essence so I want to share the good stuff quickly so you can make the right decision on whether Trend Rocket is for you.

Here’s what you need to know about Trend Rocket:

  • Trend Rocket is able to serve dropshippers, ecommerce brand owners, and ecommerce performance marketers.
  • Trend Rocket’s ideal customer wants to find unsaturated product niches, view trending brands, find reliable suppliers, and find winning Facebook ad creative.
  • Trend Rocket’s founder Davie Fogarty built this tool to use himself to find new product niches.

Trend Rocket Features

Trend Rocket boasts a number of features that make it one of the most comprehensive tools on the market for ecommerce owners and dropshippers to find winning products, understand their competitors and optimize their marketing strategies.

Trending Brands

Trend Rocket - Trending Brands
Trending brands page

Looking to keep an eye on your competitors?

Or maybe you just want to browse brands that are starting to trend.

The trending brand page is where you’ll find thousands of brands that are rising quickly and showing signs of momentum. Each brand has two metrics, the Scaling Score and Revenue Score, that help you track the performance of certain brands.

  • The Scaling Score tracks brand growth based on their Social channels month over month. Each brand receives a score between 1-100 in comparison with other tracked brands.
  • The Revenue Score uses Trend Rocket’s bespoke algorithm taking into consideration Traffic, Product metrics, and Industry conversion data. Each brand receives a score between 1-100 in comparison with other tracked brands.

Other features on the brand page I noticed included:

Search and filter

Trend Rocket - List of Brands

Explore a vast database of over 8,000 trending brands. You can sort by Scaling Score, Revenue Score, and Facebook Likes, and filter by factors such as social media growth, reviews, Facebook ad activity, estimated monthly traffic, orders, and revenue, and product details. You can also track stores and observe their performance over time.

In-depth Brand Analytics

Trend Rocket - Brand Overview

You can get a more detailed look into each brand’s performance by viewing a brand page. Review Velocity Tracker monitors the number of reviews across multiple platforms. See analytics for each brand's social media pages and active Facebook ads. Access valuable insights into a brand's Facebook ad campaigns, Google Ads, monthly traffic and revenue, and product prices.

Trend Viability Report

Unlock a detailed report for each brand providing a combination of automated and expert data collected for a brand, industry, and product. Each report uncovers important opportunities, potential suppliers for the same or identical product as well as approximate shipping costs to different parts of the world and profit guidance.

Featured Products

The Featured Product page provides real-time insights into products that are gaining traction in the market. The Trend Rocket team uses various data points to give you a comprehensive view of what’s popular right now.

This page lets you discover new product opportunities before they become mainstream, providing a significant advantage in a highly competitive market. It's like having a crystal ball for eCommerce, helping to predict the next big thing before it arrives.

When you click through to a featured product, you will also get the following useful information about the product:

View Profitability and Margins

Trend Rocket - Product - Margin

When you dive into a product page, you get a breakdown of the profitability and margins of the product. It allows you to make informed decisions to ensure you get a reasonable return on investment if you do decide to sell the product.

Find Suppliers

Trend Rocket - Product - Suppliers

Finding a reliable supplier can be one of the harder tasks when setting up your store. Trend Rocket makes it easier by including the details of suppliers for the product you are viewing. With this feature you can quickly connect with a supplier, saving valuable time and effort.

See Competitors Selling the Same Product

Trend Rocket - Product - Competitors

Knowing your competition is key in eCommerce. Trend Rocket offers insights into which competitors are selling the same trending product. This allows users to understand their competitors better, assess their pricing and marketing strategies, and ultimately differentiate their own approach to gain a competitive edge.

Trending Ads

Trend Rocket - Trending Ads

So you’ve found the perfect product to sell. Now it’s time to market it online. This means running ads on social media platforms like Facebook. 

The Trending Ads page gives you a bunch of Facebook ads that can give you the inspiration you need to advertise your product. You can study which ads are performing the best by sorting the trending ads by longest running. This feature will save you from paying for another tool like Unicorn Ads.

Once you find some ads that you want to keep as inspiration, you can simply save them to a board to refer to again later. Trend Rocket also has a handy Chrome Extension which lets you also save ads you find from the Facebook Ads Library.

Trend Rocket Pricing

Trend Rocket offers three pricing tiers to suit your needs.

Trend Rocket Pricing

  • Launch plan – $39 per month for one user, 80 brand search credits and 2 Trend Viability Reports
  • Grow – $99 per month for 250 brand search credits, 5 Trend Viability Reports and access to traffic and revenue data
  • Scale – $149 per month for 700 brand search credits, 10 Trend Viability Reports and access to traffic and revenue data

Trend Rocket Pros and Cons


  • Large amount of data: Trend Rocket has over 8,000 brands indexed on the platform
  • In-depth analytics: Trend Rocket uses multiple data sources to give you a complete picture of a brand or product.
  • Easy-to-use UI: The platform has a minimal design and is easy to use. 


  • Limited brand searches: You will need to upgrade to the Grow or Scale plan to increase brand searches and access to traffic and revenue data
  • New in the market: Trend Rocket hasn’t been around as long as some competitors

My Final Thoughts

I recommend Trend Rocket if you are a dropshipper or e-commerce brand owner looking for a competitive edge when sourcing new products to sell. Although it is relatively new in the market, the team behind Trend Rocket seems to be working hard to add new features, products, and brands each week to make it an indispensable tool for the ecommerce and dropshipping community.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns Trend Rocket?

Trend Rocket is owned by Davie Fogarty, the same owner of The Oodie. Davie is also a new judge on Shark Tank Australia.

Is Trend Rocket suitable for drop shippers?

Yes! The good news is that Trend Rocket is perfect for dropshippers that require new and novel product ideas they can source.

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