8 Email Copywriting Services That Will Increase Your Revenue

best email copywriting services

Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate additional revenue for your business. According to Experian, for every $1 spent on email marketing you should expect a $45-$51 return. Of course, this is dependent on factors such as the offer, subject line, copy, open rates, and deliverability. 

But keep in mind. Email is the only marketing channel that you truly own. Your email list is an asset

Unlike a YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram audience you don’t own your followers. At any point, your accounts could be banned. So it’s critical you work out an email marketing plan to grow and monetize your list. 

In this post, I’ll review the top email copywriting services you can use to increase revenue in 2022. 

What to consider when hiring an email copywriter

This can be a tricky task. You’re not only looking for someone capable of writing compelling copy that drives sales. You must be sure they’re also considering email deliverability, workflow automation, design, and cut-off lengths. When combined these activities can easily increase your conversion rates, resulting in more revenue for your business. 

Email marketing is becoming a saturated medium with high levels of spam. To combat this, many email service providers such as Gmail are filtering out marketing emails (or moving them to the promotions folder). To mitigate this you need to ensure your copywriter is compliant with best practices. Here’s what to consider when hiring an email copywriter:

  • They understand your industry/niche
  • They have a bulletproof research process
  • They understand email deliverability and anti-spam laws
  • They know the cut-off lengths for certain email providers 
  • They know how to write compelling copy and subject lines

8 best email copywriting services to try

1. Luciano Viterale

luciano viterale copywriting services

Luciano is one of the few copywriters with real experience buying, building, and selling internet businesses. His most recent startup, Ticker Nerd, was acquired by an Australian FinTech company. He’s been featured on high-profile sites such as Zapier, Starter Story, Finder, Marketer Milk, and They Got Acquired. 

Luciano specializes in helping brands attract and convert high-quality traffic. His core services are SEO copywriting, eCommerce copywriting, email copywriting, and SEO content writing. Book a free audit if you’re looking to generate a strong return on your email marketing efforts.

2. The Email Copywriter

The Email Copywriter

Chris Orzechowski is the founder of The Email Copywriter. He’s a highly accomplished copywriter who’s even published a book called Let It Rain. The Email Copywriters have worked with The Hustle, Motley Fool, and Millenial Money. All these brands rely heavily on email marketing to generate revenue. 

I highly suggest working with Chris considering he’s helped over 200 clients and generated $100m worth of products through email marketing.

3. eCommerce Boost

eCommerce Boost

eCommerce Boost is an email marketing agency founded by Jean-Pascal Charles. They specialize in writing email copy for direct-to-consumer brands such as Wine Journey, Beyli, Sugarlash, and BBounce Studio. I’ve personally worked with the team at eCommerce Boost and can 

One thing that separates eCommerce Boost is its results. They routinely generate 30-40% more sales from Shopify stores once they start running their email marketing campaigns. 

4. Samar Owais

Samar Owais

Samar Owais is an expert email copywriter and strategist based in the UAE. Some of her clients are Copy Hackers Paul Jarvis (Author of Company of One) and Longplay. Samar’s services include onboarding and retention, lifecycle, and promotional emails. She even hosts an email copywriting Bootcamp course that I’ve featured in another article.

If you’re looking for an email copywriter with loads of experience then you should contact Samar for a quote. 

5. Sara Frandina

Sara Frandina

Sara Frandina has been a full-time copywriter since 2014. Her clients include Trill A.I, Cactus Collective, The Movement, and SLP Now. Sara specializes in welcome sequences, onboarding sequences, nurturing sequences, and everything in between. Every email is written with the goal of laddering up to a conversion for your business. 

If you’re looking for a conversion-based copywriter who can craft effective emails then contact Sara for a quote. 

6. Mighty Fine Copy

Mighty fine copy

Mighty Fine Copy is a boutique copywriting agency that only focuses on B2B Saas Copywriting. The Founder Rachel Pilcher has been featured in the Zoho Mastermind Series, The Copywriter Club Podcast, and many other publications that showcase true expertise. Some of her clients include Shogun, Semrush, and Stripe. 

One thing to consider is that Mighty Fine Copy only specializes in B2B SaaS businesses. So if you own a DTC or service business then this agency is probably not for you. However, if you are interested in working with Rachel you should submit your interest via the website contact form. 

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7. Contra


Contra is a new independent commission-free platform for freelancers. They pride themselves on having “everything you need to launch, build, and grow your Independent career”. As you can imagine, this attracts great talent. So you’ll be able to find some great email copywriters for hire. Companies such as Figma, Copy.ai, and Alamanac have leveraged Contra for writers.

Contra is rated 4.9/5 with over 5,000 upvotes on Product Hunt. If this wasn’t enough, Contra won two Golden Kitty awards. This is somewhat unheard of when it comes to Product Hunt and is a testament to how great the platform really is. 

8. Copify

copify email copywriting

Copify is a larger copywriting agency, however, they purely focus on copywriting and content writing. They’re based in London and have been around since 2009. Copify has a large pool of writers they leverage to get your project delivered, in most cases, under 48 hours. Their clients include eBay, Amazon, and Lyca Mobile.

One of their core services is email copywriting. So if you’re looking for a capable agency that can turn around projects in less than 48 hours, I suggest reaching out to the team for a quote. 

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Closing remarks

After reviewing this list you should be confident in choosing an email copywriting service to help increase revenue for your business. 

Most professional agencies or consultants will also help improve your deliverability, scheduling, and automation so you can achieve the best results. Keep in mind that you’ll likely need to test and iterate every email until you find the sweet spot. 

My top copywriting recommendations
  1. Favorite copywriting tool: Jasper (see the full list here)
  2. Favorite SEO tools: SE Ranking (see the review here)
  3. Favorite content optimizer: Surfer SEO and SE Ranking
  4. Favorite copywriting accelerator: Copy That by Sam Parr

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