7 best white label seo tools for agencies & freelancers in 2023

best white label seo tools

If you’re a freelancer or an agency owner you know the headache that comes with client communication. 

The wasted hours spent editing, exporting, updating, and tediously aligning everything so the client can understand the report they’re reading. It doesn’t end here though. The client wants consistent progress updates which aren’t always easy to articulate. 

White-label SEO tools solve this exact problem.

They take the headache away from reporting by saving time and presenting the most important information in a proven format. Some of them even allow you to build client portals with a range of useful features.

So stay tuned because I’m about to show you the best white-label seo tools that will make client management a piece of cake. 

What are “white label” SEO tools?

If you’re new here I should probably explain what a white-label SEO tool is (and what it isn’t).

White labeling is the act of selling someone else’s product or service and passing it off as your own. In this case, it refers to SEO tools. 

SEO agencies want access to tools that can provide them with easy-to-generate reports (or dashboards) so they can share them with their clients. They’re branded with the agency/client logo even though an external SEO tool built the platform. 

But don’t get confused. A white-label seo tool and a regular seo tool are exactly the same. 

They more or less do the same thing, the only difference is some tools have white-label features allowing branded reports, special dashboards, etc. These are the ones I’ll be sharing in this article. 

What to look for when searching for a white-label seo tool 

There are some key considerations when choosing the right tool. Cost, requirements, ease of use, and accuracy are all important. Ask yourself the following questions before committing to a tool. Remember, the switching costs could be high!

  • Which features are a “must have”?
  • Which features are a “should have”?
  • If the business doubles could I still use this tool?
  • What is my budget for these tools?
  • Is it going to replace other tools or is it a supplement to the existing stack of software?
  • Will clients hate using this tool?

If you can answer these questions then you have a good chance of choosing the right tool from the beginning. 

7 best white label SEO tools to streamline your reporting in 2023

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software that’s extremely simple to use. They offer solutions for enterprises, agencies, SMBs, and individuals. Its two core points of differentiation are the keyword rank tracker which covers just about every data point you could imagine. The other is the white label product suite which is rather extensive. 

It offers custom reporting, a client portal for performance, and an admin portal for agencies to customize the experience even further. The integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console means you never have to switch apps. You can literally conduct all of your SEO analysis and reporting from one software. 

White label features included in all plansExpensive if you only need one specific tool such as the white label portal
Full-suite SEO tool so it will cover all your SEO needs beyond white labeling
Ability to create a custom branded portal for your clients (easy value add)


  • Essential: $29.40/mo for 250 keywords 
  • Pro: $65.40/mo for 1,000 keywords + white label features
  • Business: $143.40/mo for 2,500 keywords + white label features

G2 review: 4.8/5

Start a free SE Ranking trial.

2. Semrush


Semrush is a popular all-rounder SEO tool. It competes with digital marketing software like Ahrefs, Moz, and Mangools. Although, it has an extensive product suite for agency owners. The client portal allows agencies to onboard their clients and customizes reporting, tasks, and communication. This makes it particularly easy for agencies that usually rely on multiple tools to conduct reporting, communication, and project management. 

One particularly interesting point of differentiation is the Agency Growth Kit feature. Semrush allows agencies to become partners and create their own sales pages on the platform. Businesses can then search for partner SEO agencies. This helps generate leads for agencies whilst simultaneously keeping them on the platform to conduct reporting and analysis. 

Full suite tool so it covers all of your needs beyond white labeling You need to pay an additional monthly fee for the Agency Growth Kit
Also get access to SEO, PPC, and Social tools 


  • Pro: $119.95/mo for 5 projects 
  • Guru: $229.95/mo for 15 projects + advanced reporting and sharing
  • Business: $449.95/mo for 40 projects + advanced reporting and sharing
  • Specialized products such as Agency Growth Kit and Semrush Trends will incur an additional monthly fee

G2 review: 4.6/5

Get started with Semrush. 

3. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is arguably the most popular SEO tool in the market. It handles all of your SEO requirements from keyword research to SERP tracking and analysis. I check Ahrefs almost every day to stay on top of my own site. 

As a white-label option, it doesn’t stack up as well as the others on this list. You’re unable to custom brand reports with your own logo. You can still produce other reports and leverage their API to build custom dashboards but it’s not as user-friendly. I’ve included it in this list since it’s one of the most popular tools and most businesses are already using it, unfortunately, its white-label options aren’t sufficient enough for an agency unless they make use of the API. 

Great all-rounder SEO toolVery limited white label solution
API available 


  • Lite: $99/mo for 5 projects and basic exports
  • Standard: $199/mo for 20 projects and report-sharing features (this is new)
  • Advanced: $399/mo for 50 projects
  • Enterprise: $999/mo for 100 projects and 2M API calls/mo

G2 review: 4.6/5

Start an Ahrefs trial.

4. Serpstat


Serpstat is an all-rounder SEO tool that can also be used as a client management tool. There are tonnes of agencies already using Serpstat as a white-label solution. Not only does it offer custom reporting, alerts, and dashboards, but you can also manage client projects in the same spot. This means you don’t need to have additional software for tracking work and communication updates. You handle it in one central spot. 

The API, project management features, and extensive white-label solutions make it a very strong option for agencies. It can easily streamline your entire workflow if you’re comfortable relying on a single solution. 

Access the whole product suite regardless of the plan (tiers based on user seats)UX/UI isn’t as nice as other tools
Project management capabilities Enterprise only has 7 user seats. Some agencies leverage a lot of freelancers or VAs that will require more seats


  • Lite: $69/mo for all basic features and 1 user
  • Standard: $149/mo for 3 users, branded reports, and extended interface
  • Advanced: $299/mo for 5 users and additional interface features and API calls
  • Enterprise: $499/mo for 7 users and a complete white label solution

G2 review: 4.6/5

Start a 7-day free trial with Serpstat. 

5. Mangools


Mangools is a simple yet complete SEO tool. The product suite contains standard SEO features such as keyword research, backlink analysis, etc. I personally use the SERP watcher the most. 

The white label feature is very basic though, it’s simply a keyword list that shows SERP volatility, search volume, and estimated visits. You’re able to include a custom logo, name, and link. 

Compared to other white-label options it’s nothing to be excited about. The only reason this stacks up is that it’s much cheaper than the other options and the UX is good.

Very simple and easy to readNot as advanced as other tools
Easy to generate reports and alerts


  • Basic: $49/mo for 100 keyword lookups / 24 h
  • Premium: $69/mo for 500 keyword lookups / 24h + 3 extra seats
  • Agency: $129/mo for 1,200 keyword lookups / 24h + 5 extra seats

G2 review: 4.6/5

Try Mangools here. 

6. Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a specialized tool that automates your reporting in minutes. You can customize dashboards and reports as well as control all of your client’s data. They host a range of integrations with platforms like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Shopify, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and even Amazon Ads. 

Not all clients are equal. Some agencies will have a mix of eCommerce, SaaS, and service-based clients. This means reporting will be wildly different. With Agency Analytics you can customize each report and data feed as per the client’s requirements. 

One of the best reporting and dashboard tools on the marketOnly a reporting tool, all the other SEO tools have SEO product suites
A large variety of templates to use


  • Freelancer: $12/mo per client campaign with limited features (but access to all reports)
  • Agency: $18/mo per client campaign with all advanced features
  • Enterprise: Custom

G2 review: 4.8/5

Start a free Agency Analytics trial.

7. Dash This


Dash This is another marketing agency reporting tool. Whilst they’re not specific to SEO it’s still a great option for SEO agencies. They offer completely custom dashboards with white label custom domains, new themes, and branding. Similar to Agency Analytics, Dash This offer a large variety of integrations with SEO tools. 

One feature that stands out to me is the custom email functionality. You can periodically send updates to your clients with links to reports from your own custom email address. 

A large variety of integrations with SEO toolsOnly handles reporting
Unlimited usersExpensive compared to other SEO tools that offer similar reporting features
Easy to customize email notification feature


  • Individual: $39/mo for 3 dashboards
  • Professional: $129/mo for 10 dashboards
  • Business: $249/mo for 25 dashboards + additional support
  • Standard: $399/mo for 50 dashboards + additional support 

G2 review: 4.8/5

Try Dash This for free.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing a white-label SEO tool it’s clearly important to know what you’re after. Some of the tools mentioned above have complete SEO product suites whilst others are only good for reporting. The pricing is also relatively similar between them all so it makes sense to choose a tool that can offer more bang for your buck. Serpstat and Agency Analytics stands out to me as the best white label seo tools on the market. 

This blog is supported by readers. I got to a lot of effort into personally using and thoroughly testing every product (digital or physical). So, I may earn an affiliate commission if you buy a product or service through a link, at no additional cost to you.

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