10 Key Virtues of Successful Men

virtues of men

What is a virtue? A virtue is a trait or quality that is morally good. The word originally meant manliness or valor, however, it’s evolved over time to simply mean moral excellence.  A common question men ask themselves is “how do I live a more virtuous life?” or more broadly “how can I be better?”. […]

The best books for men to read before 30

books for men

If you were to search “best books for men” you would find endless blog posts containing boring books which are loosely relevant to men. In this article, I’ve summarised a list of 11 books that I believe every man can find real value in. They’ve also been recommended by credible people including Naval Ravikant, Tim […]

The Simple Guide to Journaling for Men – Including Free Templates

journaling for men

Intro Journaling doesn’t come easy for most men. Expressing your thoughts and feelings in writing can feel unnatural and intimidating. However, the benefits of journaling are far too great for men to ignore. Whether you want to improve your mental health or start achieving audacious goals, journaling will support you. In this article, I’m going […]