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A B2B marketing consultant helping businesses achieve sustainable growth. Although my journey into marketing and entrepreneurship wasn't what I initially planned—I had my sights set on becoming a banker back in high school, inspired by reading “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

My strategy was straightforward: get an Economics Degree at the University of Sydney and aim for every investment bank out there. But reality hit hard when I landed a cadetship at a firm—it was soul-crushing work with an average salary, and I knew I couldn't do it long-term.

This is when the side projects began. Everything from drop shipping on eBay to acquiring and flipping content sites. It was pretty clear I had a knack for marketing and a deep passion for business.

Shortly after, I co-founded an investing newsletter and content site called Ticker Nerd. We nailed the Product Hunt launch and it hit $6kMRR in 60 days. Less than a year in, Finder (an Aussie FinTech company) acquired it in exchange for cash and equity. Since then, I’ve been consulting to businesses of all sizes. Helping them sustainably attract and convert customers through SEO, email marketing, cold email, SEO, and copywriting.

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