About me

Hi, I’m Luc ✌️

The guy behind these articles.

Growing up, entrepreneurship was never on my radar.

In High School, I was set on becoming an Investment Banker. Maybe it was because I read The Wolf of Wall Street at 16yrs old. Or a Reddit post suggesting all Investment Bankers made $500k a year. Either way, I studied a lot

I thought it was simple.  

Get accepted into an Economics Degree at The University of Sydney. Then apply to every single Investment Bank. 

I’d be a millionaire in five years.  

💥 Lambo unlocked💥

So I continued on this path.

My worst rank in the High School Certificate (HSC) was third and I managed to make the high achievers list

In Sydney, there’s a break between High School and University (college). This is where you party and have fun. We call it “schoolies”.

You have a couple of months to party before you receive any acceptance offers to your preferred University (if that’s your chosen route).

I left Sydney a week after my last exam. The first stop was Singapore. 

Shortly after I flew to Florida and spent a couple of months with my family. 

Sydney University accepted me into a Bachelor of Economics. 

I arrived back home in Sydney just before the semester kicked off. At the same time, I landed a cadetship at an accounting firm. Not exactly investment banking but it was my first full-time job and I needed some experience. 

After all, I didn’t actually know anyone at an investment bank. 

Three months into full-time work I knew there was absolutely no way I could do this forever. Maybe not even for another month. It was the most soul-sucking experience of my life. There was nothing fun or interesting in the work. And the money was shit.

This is where the side hustles began.

I bit off more than I could chew (a mistake I still make). I started freelancing for a small digital marketing agency. They taught me how to run google ads, read google analytics, and basic email marketing. 

At the same time, I decided to try dropshipping on eBay. 

I had a passion for cycling, I knew pretty much everything there was to road bikes. I decided to dropship cycling equipment from AliExpress.

Here’s how it went 😬

Long story short I was making $10k/m. I quit my job and booked a trip to Europe with my mates.

Before I flew out I got a notification that eBay and PayPal froze all my accounts. I was eventually banned and lost a lot of cash flow. 

Europe was still fun.

Luciano Europe

I learned from my mistake.

The side hustles never really stopped though. 

I held a few jobs as a digital project manager at tech companies and even worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia for a little while. 

My favorite job was at an eCommerce agency called elephant room. 

The work was fulfilling and I learned more than I expected. Although I was keen on more.

I purchased my first website from IndieMakers called SuppliersData. A US dropshipping database. 

I’m 99% sure I got scammed but there was no way I was letting this go to $0. 

I overhauled the site, updated the copy, and leveraged some unfair advantages. 

A close pal put me in touch with his colleagues at Big Commerce and I landed a backlink on a page that got thousands of monthly visits. SuppliersData instantly made hundreds of dollars a week on autopilot. 

I even growth hacked a couple of Reddit posts. 

I got bored of it and sold the site for ~4x what I bought it for on Flippa. 

Shortly after, I co-founded an investing newsletter called Ticker Nerd with a close friend of mine. 

We nailed the Product Hunt launch and it hit ~$6kMRR in 60 days. 

Here’s the story 👇


Unfair advantages go a long way in business. 

Less than eight months in, Finder (an Aussie FinTech company) decided to acquire it in exchange for cash and equity. 

You can also read about that here.

Today, I write about all things email marketing, copywriting, SEO, personal development, and software reviews.

I even write copy for very specific clients.

Put simply, lucianoviterale.com exists to help solopreneurs, marketers, and founders attract and convert more customers.

  “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world” – Robin Williams